The unusual new method to cover blemishes

Beauty blogger Deepica Mutyala's latest make-up tutorial has caused a stir after she revealed her unusual trick for getting rid of dark circles and blemishes under the eyes. In the video, which has already garnered over 3.7 million views, the Texan beauty suggests applying lipstick to the affected areas before blending in with your regular concealer for even, natural coverage.

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Deepica suggests using lipstick to cover dark circles and blemishes

For lighter skin tones, Deepica recommends using a coral/orange shade of lipstick. For darker skin tones, she suggests "a really bright orange red lipstick" to even out dark circles and neutralise your face.

She also reveals that there is no specific brand that works better, as long as you choose the right shade for your skin. "Why go and spend money on something when you can already use the products you have at home?" she asks.

How to cover dark circles with lipstick:

1. Dab a make-up brush on your lipstick (use a brush rather than your finger so you don't damage the lipstick itself).

2. Apply it to the specific areas where you want coverage – this trick isn't just for dark circles, but can be used for anything from dark spots to birthmarks. Using the brush, blend in the lipstick under your eyes, then go up and around so the area under your eyebrows is also covered.

3. Take your regular concealer, and use a sponge to apply it evenly over the lipstick. Blend until you can no longer see the lipstick for even coverage.

4. Once you have finished applying your concealer, Deepica says to just go about your normal make-up routine.

While Deepica's method may seem unorthodox, celebrity make-up artist Oonagh Connor reveals that using bright colours can be an effective way of evening your skin tone.

"Dark circles around the eyes tend to be blue or purple in tone," she told MailOnline. "When you look at a colour wheel, those shades sit directly opposite the corally oranges, which means that the lipstick should help neutralise the darkness."