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Katie Piper makes heartfelt plea urging fans to ditch Halloween 'gore' make-up

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Katie Piper has written an emotional message about the Halloween 'gore' make-up trend and urged fans to be sensitive to others when creating their costumes. The 33-year-old, who fell victim to a horrifying acid attack in 2008, took to Instagram on Wednesday with a heartfelt plea after her newsfeed was filled with photos of beauty fans trying out false burn and cut effects for the scary holiday.

katie piper© Photo: Instagram

Katie Piper has written an emotional plea urging fans to be sensitive with their costumes

"It's not even Halloween and I've already had over 20 photos on my feed of make-up artists posting their Halloween gore make overs," read a post on the TV presenter's page. "It's distasteful and offensive to make temporary burns, scars and disfigurements on someone's face for Halloween.

"Some of us have these visible differences all year round. When did Halloween turn into people imitating accident victims?"

katie piper instagram© Photo: PA

Katie urged fans to avoid 'gory' make-up

Katie, who has had more than 40 operations as a result of the vicious attack she suffered, took the opportunity to remind her followers that the gory make-up looks were a recreation of the "trauma" some people have been through following accidents. She encouraged the public to think about what their costume was representing when deciding on what fancy dress to choose for the season.

"I enjoy Halloween just as much as the next person but please don't dress up as someone that has had trauma happen to them," she wrote in the post's accompanying caption. "Even if you don't care about other people's feelings how about remembering non of us are immune and it could be you one day with those injuries no Halloween make up needed.

Suggesting that people stick to traditional Halloween costumes, Katie provided a list of alternatives: "Pumpkins, witches, cats, bats whatever but not someone who has been seriously injured please."

katie piper© Photo: Instagram

Katie was the victim of a horrifying acid attack in 2008

Katie has spoken candidly about her injuries, and earlier this year explained how she plans to eventually explain what happened to her to her two-year-old daughter Belle.

"Yeah it's coming up," Katie said during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine. "I can feel it because we were on holiday last week and she pulled my nose tubes out and threw them across the room, so she's noticing different things.

"I'm sure as she starts to put more sentences together maybe she will ask things. But that's fine, I'm just going to be the same with her as I am with everybody in my life and it's just part of me and who I am."

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