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Brad Pitt's make-up artist: 'What happens in the trailer stays there'

Make-up artist Jean Black has been working with the actor for 27 years

brad pitt makeup
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Brad Pitt's make-up artist knows what happens in her trailer, stays there. The 53-year-old actor has been hitting headlines in recent months due to his split from wife Angelina Jolie, their subsequent divorce battle and allegations made about his skills as a father. Such a turbulent personal life is likely to mean that Brad vents to Jean Black, his make-up artist of 27 years, when she's prepping him for a movie. But she considers her role as akin to the confidentiality in place between a doctor and a patient.

"The make-up trailer is like Las Vegas: what happens there stays there. You have to be very careful, um, about things, and all that," Jean told GQ magazine.

brad pitt makeup

Make-up artist Jean Black has been working with Brad Pitt for 27 years

"I've transitioned with Brad from his early days through all these years and many things have transpired, and life has brought the greatest things and sometimes the most devastating things. You're there with that person and there's just a bond and you're able to share. You know, it's beautiful. He's such a fantastic human being."

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Having such a lengthy relationship with Brad means that Jean has learned to read her employer over the years. And she knows when the actor is ready to talk, and when she needs to stay quiet and let him sit in silence.

"I can see Brad from 20 yards away and I can say OK today I'm not going to talk. That's our job," she continued. "It's all about how you can tell a situation and you know how to respect it and how to respect an actor."

Sticking to her moral code, Jean refused to reveal the products she uses on Brad to ensure he's looking picture perfect. However, she did joke that she has the "easiest job in Hollywood".

"People have always said to me - which I laugh about, it's our little secret and I'm going to keep it - they say 'Jesus, you have the easiest job in all of Hollywood!' And I just smile and say, I surely do. Somehow in a movie he just looks the way he looks!"

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