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Cut crease: How to master the Instagram beauty trend

cut crease
Alex Light
Alex LightBody Work Columnist
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We've noticed a serious spike in cut crease eye make-up looks on our Instagram feeds recently. Tons of beauty bloggers have tapped into the trend and are creating some amazing looks using the method, which has long been loved by professional make-up artists in the industry as it creates the illusion of bigger eyes. But how do we recreate the look at home? We spoke to celebrity make-up artist and COLLECTION ambassador Francesca O'Neill to get her expert tips...1. PrimePrep the eyes with an eye primer, recommends Francesca, to make the products last and the colours really pop. If you use eye shadow primer properly, your eye make-up will stay all day and won't migrate down your cheeks!

cut crease 1a

Photo: @cosmobyhaley

2. Create the cut creaseTake a flat eyeshadow brush, and apply the latest shade in the palette as a base for the lid and the inner corners - this opens the eyes and makes them appear brighter and fresher. Next, use an angled brush to apply the darkest eye shadow shade along the crease - you can wet the brush for a more dramatic, pigmented look. Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the eyeshadow in the crease to give it a smokey effect. Applying more eyeshadow to the outer corner adds more definition and a sharper line.Finish off by applying the warmer tone in the palette to the centre of the eye and darkening in shade as you go towards the outer eyelid.

cut crease 2a

Photo: Katerina Williams

3. Finish with a feline flickTo achieve the perfect feline flick, opt for a liquid eyeliner with a precision nib. Francesca recommends the COLLECTION Extreme Bold 24 Hour Calligraphy Felt Tip Liner.Draw a dot very close to the lash line in the middle of your eye above where your pupil is. Do the same thing at the outer corner of your eye and again halfway between the outer corner of your eye and the tail of your brow. Next, connect the marked point, so extend the line from the middle to the outer corner and lift towards the brow, then draw a straight line connecting the point in the middle of the eye to the third point you made, lifting the liner into a cat eye shape. Fill in the space between so you have a bold feline flick.

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