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5 beauty tips to hide your hangover

Here's how to fake it 'til you make it...

Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
Updated: 1 June 2018
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e've all been there – you had a ball at the Christmas party but it's now the morning after and you're staring at yourself in the mirror wondering how on earth to hide the hangover…Blotchy, dry skin and puffy eyes are tell-tale signs that you might have had a glass of champagne too many the night before – we spoke to skin experts to bring you five beauty tricks to make you look as fresh and radiant as possible, no matter how you're feeling!

1. Take all your make-up off

The first rule? Don't go to bed with your make-up still on! Dr Justine Hextall, Consultant Dermatologist at The Harley Medical Group, says: "Staying up all night partying takes its toll on the skin. So before heading to bed, make sure to remove all make-up using a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin barrier."

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2. Apply an overnight mask

Fake an eight-hour sleep with a really good overnight mask. This will help to boost hydration and elastin, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and soothed.

3. Exfoliate the morning after

Corinne Morley, a Trilogy skin expert, champions exfoliation for healthy skin. "Exfoliation is really important, especially when you've been wearing a lot of make-up," she told us. "Polishing away old skin cells encourages cell turnover and reveals new skin underneath – it's essential for restoring a radiant glow." We love Trilogy's Gentle Exfoliant, £22.50 – it contains Jojoba microspheres to gently buff away surface impurities and dead skin cells.

4. Hydrate

Alcohol has serious dehydrating properties, which can leave our skin looking dull and tired. Helen Bond, Nutritionist at The Harley Medical Group, says: "Make sure that you are getting enough fluid – both hot and cold drinks count. Don't forget that we get 20 per cent of our fluid from food, so eat at least five portions of water-rich fruit and vegetables during the day."

5. Get clever with your concealer

Sometimes you just have to fake it 'til you make it… Which is where a really good concealer comes in. Francesca Neill, Celebrity Make-up Artist and COLLECTION Ambassador, recommends having a Collection Primed & Ready Concealer kit (£4.99) on hand to cover all sins: "Apply a highlighting concealers along your cheekbones, the corner of your eyes and finally down the centre of your nose. This tricks the eye and makes the skin look hydrated and glowing."

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