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Anne Hathaway just revealed her unusual hack for fuller lips, and the internet is absolutely loving it. The star’s Devil Wears Prada-esque beauty moment has left everyone buzzing.

The beloved Devil Wears Prada actress recently shared a TikTok video featuring herself and her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, revealing an unusual yet amusing trick to achieve a fuller upper lip. 

“We're here shooting the new Shisedo campaign, which is very lovely,” Hathaway begins, looking effortlessly glamorous on set. Hathaway’s quirky personality shines through as she walks her fans through the process.

She goes on to explain, “We got on the set and I had to take a look at the monitor and I noticed, I thought my upper lip looked a little, I don't know, just a little wilted.”

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What followed was a solution only Andy Sachs could come up with. “So I asked Adir for a bobby pin. (I know, I just said Bobby Pin, it's not a bobby pin. It's a hair pin and that matters.) And I went in and I sort of stimulated my lip to try to get some blood flow back there to get some circulation.”

anne hathaway lip plumping method is unusual, but apparently effective © @annehathaway/Instagram
The actress' lip plumping method is unusual, but apparently very effective

The video shows Hathaway taking the end of a hairpin and gently massaging her upper lip, demonstrating her technique for a fuller pout. Her humour and relatability are on full display as she recounts, “And everybody looked at me like I had three heads.”

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Hathaway doesn’t forget to include a safety disclaimer, emphasising the importance of being gentle. “You can overdo this, you can push too hard. It's meant to be a gentle, gentle thing that you don't do for longer than 30 seconds.”

She joked, “Don't stab yourself. If you've drawn blood you've gone too far,” and adds, “It's not a vampire LipTok, it's just a little, it's just a little something to just kind of wake your upper lip up.”

Anne dubbed this moment her “LipTok,” bringing her unique sense of humour to the platform and poking fun at the social media trends.

Only Anne Hathaway can turn even the simplest beauty tip into a viral sensation. So next time you need a fuller pout, why not give Anne’s ‘LipTok’ a try? Just remember to be gentle.t