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How to enhance your natural beauty in photos with a click of a button

You can look just as fabulous as all the stars next time you take a selfie, thanks to a new photo editing app, SnapBoost

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17 August 2017
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It is now possible to look just as flawless as all your favourite celebrities next time you upload a photo online – all with a little help from the latest 'must have' photo editing app. SnapBoost provides professional photo editors at the touch of a button, allowing for you to give yourself a virtual make-over and enhance your natural beauty. Alexander Johnson, SnapBoost's CEO, explains all.


Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez radiate beauty on the red carpet with their flawless, dewy skin. To create a beautiful, healthy, sun-kissed glow like J.LO, you will just need a few "boosts" using the app. "Focus on skin colour and tone, tweaks to the yellow and magenta tones are most important. Every skin colour has different ideal treatments so make sure you stay natural to your normal look. Warmth and glow are important, they subconsciously make us think of people as being healthy," says Alexander. "Minimising wrinkles and evening-out the texture is also obviously desirable. But do not stray too far from your natural look. People are more perceptive to how other people look than they are themselves, any differences should be subtle."


It is now possible to get Jennifer Lopez's enviable glow with a click of a button


Jennifer Aniston's stunning eyes always stand out in photos. Natural beauty is given a helping hand in many ways. Alex reveals: "To achieve those disarming baby blues and make your eyes pop, we use what we call the “brighten eyes” boost. It is possible now to enhance colour, brighten and sharpen your eyes with incredibel accuracy. Pay attention to the pupils, they trigger subconscious arousal. Size and shading are crucial." There is also help when it comes rocking a statement brow. "Do you want the Cara Delevigne-worthy eyebrows too? Thicken and lift the arches at the click of a button, that will balance your features and frame the eyes," says Alex.


Jennifer Aniston's stunning eyes always stand out in photos 


The Duchess of Cambridge’s signature bouncy hair is the envy of many - there’s a reason why women across the country ask for the “Kate blowdry”. But there is good news! If your hair is looking dull in a photo, you can get Kate's glossy, voluminous curls without breaking the bank. "Reshape and refine lifeless tresses and remove any stray hairs. Pay attention to gentle layering, a look that can be achieved using fractionally different colour tones. Size and volume can be subtly tweaked at the touch of a button, expand and enhance the style but try and keep it within natural limits," Alex explains.

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Kate's hair is the envy of many - and now you can replicate it in pictures too!

Weight loss

Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson's body transformations have inspired many to hit the gym and reconsider their lifestyle choices. And rightly so - these Hollywood A-listers have honed their figures to near perfection recently. While gruelling exercises require willpower and time, you can give yourself a full-body-makeover with the touch of a button. Again, natural and subtle changes usually work better, but if you want a total transformation then go for it! One of our most popular features on SnapBoost is the “full-body weightloss."


You can even lose a few pounds with a click of a button - and look as good as Khloe Kardashian

Alex reveals: "We expertly reshape individual bits that you’re not happy with. It is easy to slim down the arms, waist, legs or buttocks or bulk-up for a more toned look. Pay careful attention to consistent skin tones." 

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