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These are the 10 weirdest beauty trends of 2017

Nose hair extensions, anyone?

beauty trends
Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
13 December 2017
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Our Instagram feeds provide endless inspiration to up our beauty game - we see flawless complexions, beautiful cut-crease eye looks and immaculate contour on a daily basis. But we haven't jumped to recreate all the beauty trends we've seen on Instagram – nose hair extensions, eyebrow wigs and unicorn make-up, to name a few… Now, a group of hair and beauty experts from have named and shamed the worst beauty trends of 2017 – here's the top ten. 1. Nose hair extensionsCutting up false eyelashes and sticking them around the inside of each nostril - we don't think there's much need to explain why this one ended up in the top spot!2. Lollipop lipsBasically, this involves applying your favourite lipstick then taking a clean finger and smudging around the edges as though you'd been enjoying a lollipop. Great for edgy beauty campaigns, but a definite no-no for everyday looks!

beauty trends 1z

Photo: @maccosmetics

3. Unicorn beautyThis trend has seen thousands of Instagram users sporting candy floss-coloured hair, nails and even eyeliner over the past 12 months. It's a fun look that stands out on an Instagram feed, but we doubt it's going to stand the test of time.4. Coloured highlighterPretty peach, pink and silver highlighters have dominated social media recently, but blue, purple and even black highlighter is a step too far and totally defeats the object.5. Glitter rootsThese were a great way to stand out during the festival season, but not appropriate for a day in the office. Not to mention they're extremely messy!

beauty trends 2z

Unicorn hair has been all over our Instagram feeds

6. Using household items to apply make-upWe've come across a variety of weird and wonderful ways to apply your make-up using household items this year – think forks, bra padding and Christian Louboutin shoes. But with such an amazing selection of make-up brushes on the market, we happen to think this trend is slightly impractical…!7. Squiggle browsThey are a work of art, there's no doubt. But squiggle brows just don't seem fitting for everyday life!8. Flare nailsIn an extreme nod to the 70s, flare nails sees the top of the nail flare out wider than the bottom. They offer a wide canvas for creating nail art, but they look very impractical.9. Eyebrow wigsWe get it – everyone wants the perfect set of brows. But with a host of incredible eyebrow products on the market, it's just not necessary to turn to wigs to solve the problem.10. Faux frecklesBrands have been producing freckle pencils in response to this viral trend – and we’ve even see rainbow and metallic freckles on our Instagram feeds, too!

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