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Why this eyeshadow hack using VASELINE is going viral

Make your eyes pop with this unlikely product…

Fiona Ward
Acting Fashion and Beauty Editor
February 6, 2018
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Vaseline is certainly a go-to staple for many - some use it to moisturise chapped lips, others to soothe sore skin or groom eyebrows. But one beauty lover has come up with a surprising new way to use the multi-tasking product: as a base for eyeshadow. That's right - an aspiring makeup artist by the name of @flicke.r on Instagram posted an image of a warm orange smokey eye, only to reveal the trick behind the strong pigment of the look was a base layer of Vaseline!

vaseline eyeshadow hack

Vaseline is the secret to bold and pigmented eyeshadow, according to this Instagram user

The post, which had been taken from the makeup maven's Twitter account, reveals, "How to get your eyeshadow to be more pigmented: a thread." In the instructions, she advises applying a little bit of Vaseline over the eyelid, and then adding eyeshadow on top - though later she warns that the hack should only be used with shadows that aren't very pigmented, as otherwise it will be difficult to blend the look.

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So will it work? Apparently, the petroleum jelly gives the eyeshadow more grip and helps it look more vibrant - and because of the product's naturally slippery texture, it gives a subtle luminous shine, too. The key is to apply the thinnest layer possible, to avoid more of a glossy eye look, which will move and crease throughout the day. When one of her followers asked if the Vaseline would make her eye look crease, the budding makeup artist responded, "that’s why you just have to apply a LITTLE bit."

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There you have it - the key to bold eye looks is a £2.99 beauty basic. Genius!

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