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Iain Stirling did girlfriend Laura Whitmore's make-up - you HAVE to see the results!

In another instalment of #AlexApproved, our beauty influencer Alex Light reveals who gets her seal of approval. This week it's all about Laura Whitmore, who let her Love Island boyfriend Iain Stirling do her make-up. Over to you, Alex...

Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
June 7, 2018
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Few women would allow their boyfriend to apply their make-up. For example, I would NEVER let my boyfriend come within a mile of me if he happened to be holding a make-up brush. He once held up an open mascara wand and told me I should 'really put the lid back on my lipstick', so he's hardly a Make up by Mario-in-the-making.

But brave Laura Whitmore has ventured into terrifying territory by allowing her boyfriend, Love Island's voiceover artist Iain Stirling, to do her make-up – and, perhaps bravest of all, she shared the results on Instagram.

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Now I am a huge fan of Iain Stirling – his tongue-in-cheek quips and hilarious commentary on the hit show never fail to make me chuckle. However, he should absolutely stick to his day job and leave the makeovers to the professionals – or, well, just anyone else, really.

While he got fairly creative with the look – Laura is seen sporting silver eye accents, a fire engine-red lip and mink-hued eyeshadow that reaches the eyebrows (ahem) – the end result wasn't that impressive (sorry Iain, we still love you!).

Luckily, Laura saw the funny side: "Turns out he is a shit make up artist… Thankfully he IS an award-winning comedian and voice-over artist!!!" She went on to warn Caroline Flack off any of Iain's make-up attempts: "@carolineflack do not let him tell you he can do make up no matter how convincing he may sound!!"

Now you may be wondering why this got my seal of approval, when, well, it quite clearly didn't. See, I think this pic is beyond cute and I felt like I needed to bring it to your attention. I love these two as a couple and I LOVE the fact that Laura let Iain loose on her face. #SOCUTE.

What did you make of Laura's look?! Let me know on Instagram @alexlight_ldn. Find out who gets my #AlexApproved seal of approval next week.