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The top five apps every new mum needs in her life

apps for mums
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Becoming a mother for the first time can feel quite daunting, especially as you adjust your lifestyle and try to give your little one the best care possible. Staying on top of feeding times, doctor's appointments, sleeping schedules alongside tracking your little one's progress doesn't have to be overwhelming; in fact, nowadays there are countless apps that can help you streamline everything and make your first year as a new mum as smooth as possible. From feeding timers to health trackers to checklists for your first holiday with your baby, we've found the top five apps you'll want to download if you want a helping hand…

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Best for tracking your baby's progress: Total Baby Pro

A new baby means a completely new schedule where you need to keep track of everything from their sleeping schedule to new vaccinations; and this app offers a streamlined way of staying on top of things. You can log everything including bath times, feeding times, nappy changes and sleeping schedules, and it's handy for remembering doctor's appointments, as well as details of vaccinations and allergies. As an extra bonus you can also log exciting milestones in your baby's progress sure to make for some great memories.

£4.99, available on iOS and Android.

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Best for getting through your baby's first year: Ready, Steady, Baby!

From how-to videos on installing a car seat to instructions for breastfeeding, this app answers a whole series of questions you might find yourself asking during your little one's first year. There are also some great tips on how to look after yourself (for example, what you can eat while you're breastfeeding), as well as a handy 'poop guide' in case you have any worries about your baby's health.

Free, available on iOS and Android.

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Best for family outings: Baby Pack & Go

Whether you're planning your first holiday since welcoming your newest arrival or simply looking to head out to town for the afternoon, this app makes for a great checklist to ensure you don't forget any of those vital items for a smooth outing. There are pre-made to-do lists but you can also customise your own as you get into a routine. The app also has a handy directory of items you might need, which you can add to as you go!

99p, available on iOS and Android.

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Best for monitoring your baby's feeding times: Baby Feed Timer

Recommended by NHS midwives, this handy app allows you to track your baby's feeding times, whether you're breastfeeding or switching to bottle. The handy timer gives you left and right buttons so you can remember which breast you used for previous feeds, not to mention there's a handy clock that lets you see the time since your last feed – over time this works out an estimate of when your next feed is due based on previous patterns. As a bonus, you can also track your baby's sleep patterns and their growth, and there's a manual log in case you have any extra notes to make.

£4.99, available on iOS.

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Best for staying on top of finances: Circle

We've all been there – you get back after an evening out and suddenly realise you've forgotten to get cash out on the way home to pay the babysitter. Luckily, nowadays you don't have to head back out. Thanks to social payment app Circle you can instantly send over the money, without the hassle of digging up your – and their – bank details. It's also great if you're out with the girls and need to quickly lend/borrow money; all you need to do is sign up and take a photo of your debit card to make payments with no charges – even if you're abroad and need to transfer euros or dollars.

Free, available on iOS and Android. For more information visit

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