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7 celebrity parents reveal shocking results of viral social media challenge with their kids

Can you guess which celebrity kids could resist temptation?

celeb kids choc challenge
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyWeddings Editor
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The 'chocolate challenge', also known as the 'fruit snack challenge', has gone viral on social media over the past few weeks, and even celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Izzy Judd and Sam Faiers have got involved. The challenge sees parents (or grandparents) testing kids' willpower by placing a bowl of sweet treats in front of them and leaving the room, telling them to wait until they return before they can try any. As expected, there have been varying levels of success, with some children following instructions and patiently waiting while others sneak a taste. Can you guess which celebrity kids could resist temptation?

Joe Wicks

joe wicks daughter

Joe Wicks put his daughter Indie's willpower to the test, placing a bowl containing two chocolate squares in front of her. After asking her to wait while he went to the toilet, she enthusiastically said, "Yes!" and proceeded to practice her counting and chant, "waiting, waiting, waiting" until her dad returned. However, it appears The Body Coach wasn't expecting her to pass the challenge, stating at the end of the video: "I can't believe you didn't eat that, that's amazing!"

Rochelle Humes

rochelle humes alai valle

Rochelle enlisted the help of her daughter Alaia-Mai, six, to test three-year-old Valentina on her willpower around her favourite treats. The little girl wiggled with excitement at the kitchen table, waiting for her mum and sister to return before sweetly asking, "Can I have the sweets now?" This Morning star Rochelle joked in the caption: "She did way better than her Mama would have...also look at her telling the dog to shhhh as if she’s gonna ruin it for her," while Ruth Langsford revealed how impressed she was in the comments section: "Now THAT’S willpower right there! Bless her." And the fact the trio were wearing matching pyjamas made the video even more adorable!

Kylie Jenner

WATCH: Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi chanting words of encouragement during the challenge

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star melted fans' hearts when she shared a video of her daughter Stormi tackling the challenge. "You can have three of them but wait! You have to wait until mummy comes back, ok?" Kylie asked her little girl. Similar to Joe Wicks' daughter, Stormi resorted to chanting words of encouragement to herself, including the phrase: "Patience, patience, patience is a virtue." It's safe to say she passed her mother's test with flying colours, but even her sister Kim Kardashian was not convinced her children would be able to resist. Kim joked in the comments section: "OMG how perfect! This would NOT be the case with Chi! Or especially Saint."

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Sam Faiers

sam faiers kids

Sam's children Paul and Rosie attempted the challenge together, but only one succeeded! As soon as the former TOWIE star gave the pair a pot of treats each, Paul immediately popped one in his mouth but returned it to the pot once he realised what his mum was asking. "I nearly ate them," he said as Sam left, before trying to stay strong by telling his sister: "Let's wait." However, the little boy appeared to have slipped up for a second time, putting a piece of chocolate in his mouth before quickly spitting it out. "Couldn’t resist. Oh bless them," Sam captioned the post. 

Izzy Judd

izzy judd kids

Harry Judd's wife Izzy put their two children Lola and Kit's patience to the test, revealing the pair are very well-behaved! In a video the 36-year-old posted on Instagram, Lola tried to comfort her brother who appeared to be heartbroken by the idea of having to wait for his chocolate buttons. She stated, "No. We can have them after. Mummy's doing a challenge for us." And even after Izzy called Lola away to see if Harry would crumble without his sister, the little boy held strong. How cute!

Gabrielle Union

gabrielle union daughter

We love how cheeky Gabrielle Union's daughter Kaavia was during the challenge. The one-year-old couldn't help but tuck into the snacks, even denying she had failed the challenge with her mouth full! "Are you waiting? Are you patient?" Gabrielle could be heard asking Kaavia, who agreed to wait while already munching on the snack.

Linda Robson

linda robson granddaughter

Loose Women star Linda shared a video of her granddaughter Betsy, three, being very cheeky as she took part in the challenge. Despite her mother Lauren saying, "Don't touch them" as she delivered a pot of chocolate to Betsy, the little girl couldn't resist. She sunk her teeth into the edge before carefully placing it back in the bowl and telling her mum when she returned: "I didn't eat one." Fans rushed to defend Betsy, with one commenting, "Doesn't count when it's just a nibble." We'll call that a little white lie!

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