Storm Keating on why she's 'grateful' for husband Ronan and the perils of lockdown parenting – exclusive

Storm and Ronan tied the knot in 2015

Storm Keating is the woman of the moment. Not only is she working full-time and raising her two adorable children, Cooper and Coco, but she has also just launched a super exciting project with Sky Q, which is about to make every parent's life a whole lot easier.

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In an exclusive interview with HELLO!, we spoke to Ronan Keating's wife about balancing her busy work and parenting duties, how she found lockdown as family and what she believes is her secret to her strong marriage.

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Read our interview below…

How did you find lockdown as a family?

"Lockdown for us was actually really busy. I feel like it's gone in a blink of an eye but I think that’s also why I really resonated with this Sky Q campaign. After the manic days that we had during lockdown, we didn't really have anywhere else to go, so as a family we would always get together at the end of the day and pop on Sky Q and watch something together."

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What was the most challenging thing about raising two young children during lockdown?

"I feel like for me personally, as a mum, I found juggling full-time work and the two kids 24 hours a day in the house quite difficult because parent guilt really came into play. When the children are going out and about to nursery or they are playing with friends, they don’t notice just how much you're working. Whereas during the pandemic, Cooper is constantly coming up to the office going 'mummy can you come play with me' or 'mummy can you make cupcakes' and you feel like you're always saying no and I found that really difficult. I wish I had more time for them and I wish there was a bit more of a divide between work and family time."

Storm's son Cooper loved trying out the new Sky Q feature

Would you say that you and your husband Ronan have a different approach to parenting?

"No, Ronan and I definitely have a very similar approach to parenting. We came from very similar upbringings, I grew up on a farm and he obviously grew up in Ireland, we both were working from young ages and pocketing our money and saving it. We were raised to have very strong morals, respect, manners, and we are quite traditional. We come together quite well when it comes to parenting because we want to make sure we instill the same kind of values in our children. Thank god because you don’t end up having one good cop and one bad cop, we are both good cops together and both bad cops together."

What would you say is your favourite thing about Cooper and Coco's personalities?

"They are both so different! Cooper is this incredibly kind, sweet boy. He's so chilled, nothing is ever a problem, he will do what he's told, he's just gorgeous. Coco is like a little firecracker. Cooper will come up to give her a big cuddle and she will be pushing him away. She just makes us laugh. She's like a little animal. We love that about her, I have no fears for her growing up in this world. I already know she is more than capable to stand on her own."

Storm's family love to gather in the evening and watch TV together

You have been married to Ronan for a long time now, what do you think the secret is to keeping the spark alive?

"I just completely love and adore him and I know the feeling is mutual. I wake up every morning and I feel so grateful when I see his little face on the pillow, and he's not ever shy for showing me his love and appreciation and vice versa. It's not that we have to make any kind of concerted effort, it just naturally happens every day and we never waver."

Are you planning on any family holidays this year as lockdown restrictions begin to ease?

"Yes! We are going to Portugal on Saturday, I can’t wait. We have been waiting very patiently for Boris to make some announcements about international travel and as soon as he did we thought we are going to treat the family and get some sunshine. Poor Coco has barely left the house since she was born so she could definitely use a bit of a change of scenery."

Storm is married to singer Ronan Keating

We are so excited to hear about your latest campaign with Sky Q, could you tell us a little bit about your involvement with the project?

"Sky Q are doing this really cool new campaign which is based around kids quotes. They did some research and it shows that 57% of parents use quotes or catchphrases or even songs from different kids programmes and movies to communicate with their child about what they want to watch. They've made it really easy to navigate so all you have to use is voice control. You say a catchphrase or you might even just say a character name and it takes you straight to the TV show or the movie, it's unbelievable."

Storm Keating has partnered with Sky Q to launch Kids Quotes voice search for kids - try it now by pressing the blue button on your voice remote and using one of the new 25 catchphrases.

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