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Adele: Everything you need to know about her family life

The world-famous singer is a mum-of-one

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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Adele's new album 30 was released on 19 November and her ITV special, An Audience With Adele, is hotly anticipated by her fans the world over who adore her music.

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Having kept a low profile for several years in her California home, Adele, 33, is now back in the public eye giving interviews again and speaking about her private life.

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The Rolling in the Deep singer shares a son with her ex-husband Simon Konecki and is in a new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul. She is also extremely close to her mother Penny Adkins, who at age 53, is just 20 years older than Adele.

Find out more about Adele's family life below…

Adele's son Angelo

Adele welcomed her son Angelo, now nine, in October 2012 with her then-husband Simon Konecki.

When Angelo was three-years-old, the star revealed that she wanted her son to stay as grounded as possible, despite her global fame.

adele performing

Adele has just released her new album '30'

The singer told Time: "I'm very self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don't want him being one of those who grows up being like, 'Driver, driver! I have no clean clothes!' Well, have you washed them?' I really don't want him growing up like that. I'm very conscious of it."

She said of Angelo: "He makes me so proud of myself, and he makes me like myself so much. And I've always liked myself. I've never not liked myself. I don't have hangups like that. But I'm so proud of myself that I made him in my belly. Cooked him in my belly and then he came out of me!

"This human who's suddenly walking around and doing his own thing. I can't wait to know who his best friend will be, who his girlfriend or boyfriend is going to be, or what movies he likes."

adele grammys

The singer has one countless awards

More recently, Adele told Fleur East on the Hits Radio Breakfast show how Angelo feels about her celebrity status. She said: "He's into like gamers, like he likes Flamingo and all them lot, like I mean, yeah he ain't bothered by me at all."

On how he's not too fussed about how famous she is, she explained: "He does not care at all. He is like, 'You're so busy all the time now, like blah-blah'. But no he doesn't care and he's always comparing. The other day he was telling me how many YouTube followers I have is nowhere near as many as the big gamers. I was like, 'Okay cheers kid, thanks for that.' Again, no he's not really aware of it yet".

She continued: "He's coming to a couple of, sort of work things that I have coming up and we'll see, but I'm sure he'll just be like, 'Well I think Flamingo will have done it like this or like that.' Like, yeah but he's great, he's a lot of fun, he's a very lovely, lovely little boy."

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Adele's ex-husband Simon Konecki

Adele started dating Simon in mid-2011 and the couple became parents to their son Angelo in 2012. It was six years later, in 2018, that the couple tied the knot, but they split just 11 months after their wedding. The singer filed for divorce in September 2019.

When their separation was announced, a representative for Adele said: "They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. As always they ask for privacy. There will be no further comment."

Adele and Simon now live near each other in Beverly Hills, making it easy for them to co-parent Angelo. The singer has repeatedly stated that they maintain a good relationship and recently revealed how he has earned the nickname 'Simon the Diamond' among her friends.

adele ex husband

Adele with ex-husband Simon

In an interview with The Face magazine, she said: "Angelo couldn’t have a better dad. Simon is so invested and so interested. He gets onto his level in anything."

She added: "Whatever Angelo is into, what he wants to watch, where he wants to go and play, his new [expletive] playground games that change every week – he is a big child in that sense of being so curious with him."

Adele and Simon finalised their divorce earlier in 2021, yet Adele says she is open to marriage in the future.

During an interview for Sirius XM, singer John Meyer asked her if he should get married, to which she replied: "Yes. You should get married. I think it is a really incredible thing, marriage. And I know that some people probably think that I wouldn’t think that and like I gave up on it."

She added: "I definitely am open to marriage again. The feeling I had in being married, was the safest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Sadly, it didn’t work out. I miss being married."

Adele's boyfriend Rich Paul

Adele is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul. When news of their relationship broke, the star admitted not many of her close ones knew about it.

"I didn't really tell many of my friends at the beginning because I wanted to keep it to myself," she told Rolling Stone. "None of them believed it!"

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adele rich paul

Adele and new boyfriend Rich Paul

During her recent CBS special, Adele One Night Only, the singer confessed to Oprah Winfrey how the romance came at the right time in her life.

"Yeah, he's just hilarious. Oh, he's so funny. Yeah, and very smart." She added: "I met him [at a birthday party] and then a couple of… couple years later, we went out for dinner, which he says was a business meeting.

"I'm like, 'A business meeting about what?' We wouldn't be having a meeting about business. And then it was just the first time we'd hung out only on our own, and not with other friends and stuff like that. So that was a very natural way. I think that's how people would normally meet each other, like, in real life."

When asked if Rich is getting a "different Adele", the singer replied: "Yeah, but I mean, by arriving and turning up. You know, maybe I'm getting a different version of him and who knows?

"It's just, it's just timing. It's just timing, but it'll be interesting to see what my reaction is like in general to anything that hurts me now that I feel so secure in myself."

Adele's late father

Adele's father Mark Evans passed away in 2021 at the age of 57, following a battle with cancer.

The star's relationship with her father had been strained since 2011, when Mark gave an interview in which he said Adele struggled to find love because she had "abandonment issues".

Mark had left the family when Adele was three years old. Her father also revealed his alcohol problems, admitting to drinking "two littles of vodka and seven or eight pints of Stella every day".

Several years later, Mark gave several other interviews in which he claimed he wanted "my daughter back".

Adele's mother Penny

Adele is extremely close to her mother, Penny Adkins, who she lived with until age 18 in a flat in London's West Norwood. The star calls Penny her 'best friend'.

adele flat london

The flat where Adele lived as a child

In an interview in British Vogue, Adele recalled of her childhood: "I think my first memory of Eton mess would have been, I mean I grew up in North London in Tottenham but we did a few years in South London when I was older, it was the best house I’ve ever lived in, it was with my mum.

"In fact, this house always gets spoken about in the press as if it was like really run down and stuff because it was above what became a discount store and all of our little roof terraces were all linked.

"And it was amazing, we had a young family at the end with these three lovely little boys who used to run up and down in their nappies, and I feel like one of them made a big Eton mess one day and brought it out. So, I reckon I was probably like a teenager."

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After age 18, Adele moved to Notting Hill where her music career took off after signing a record deal; she had studied at the renowned Brit School in London.

Adele's mother fell pregnant with her at the young age of 18, and her parents separated when she was nine months old.

The Sun reports Adele as saying: "She fell pregnant with me when she would have been applying for uni, but chose to have me instead. She never, ever reminds me of that. I will try to remember it."

The paper revealed that Penny worked as a furniture maker, masseuse and adult learning activities organizer to support herself and Adele. The singer bought her mother a house in Notting Hill following her success.

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