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Ola Jordan reveals toddler Ella's tears for dad James: 'She missed him so much'

The professional dancers chat family life in their HELLO! column

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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The swimming pool is officially open at the Jordans' house – lucky things – and two-year-old Ella is loving splashing around with her parents Ola and James.

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The former Strictly dancers exclusively shared a video of their family fun with HELLO! and they update us on their week in their parenting column below.

WATCH: Ella enjoys swimming with daddy James

Ella really missed her dad this week, who she totally adores, as he went away to play in a charity golf tournament. Ola told us how their daughter shed a few tears while her daddy was away – and couldn't stop hugging him when he returned.

The adorable little girl has also inherited James' bossy streak according to Ola, and as we talk, Ella orders James to get off her bed! "That's my bed!" Ella tells her dad crossly. "She's very, very bossy," he explains.

"I'm not bossy!" replies Ella, who can stand up for herself now her talking is improving. "You're not bossy? Hahaha!" laughs James.

Catch up on the Jordans' latest antics here…

Ella missed her daddy

Ola: James has been away for three days playing golf all day long and Ella's missed him so much. Yesterday when she woke up and saw that he wasn't next to her, she cried. She was going, 'Where is my daddy?'

This morning she woke up, and as soon as she saw him, she lay next to him and squeezed and cuddled him for ages.

James: She was telling me she loved me and kissed my face.

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ella james jordan

James dotes over his daughter Ella

Ola: He said, 'Look at her, what's wrong with her?' I said, 'It's because she missed you so much.' It's amazing.

So I'm like nothing today, she's ignoring me. It makes me feel a bit rubbish though that I do all those things for her and she loves her dad more! I don't get it.

James: That's because I'm more fun!!

Ella is definitely becoming more confident. It's a bit annoying at times because she's so full on and quite tiring – but it's good to see.

Ola: She knows now that we talk about her and she listens. You can tell that in her little head she's thinking, 'Hmm, what are they saying?'

ella pool

Ella loves the water

Fun in the pool

James: She's like a little water baby now, swimming in our pool.

Ola: She loves it. Yesterday I was sitting on my sun bed and she was swimming around with her armbands on – she's much more confident. It's lovely to see.

James: Do you like swimming Ella?

Ella: Yeah! Want to go swimming.

James: Ok daddy and Ella go swimming later.

Ella: I want to go to the park with daddy James: That's a whole sentence she just said, nine words. That's pretty good! She also loves singing that Once I Caught a Fish Alive song, it's so cute.

ella ice cream

Ella cools off with an ice cream on a recent holiday

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Ella loves her dancing class

Ola: I took Ella to her music class and she just loves it now. She can't wait to get in there.

James: Maybe we need to take her to more dancing and singing groups. She's really into her dancing.

Ola: She just likes moving I think, sporty stuff and exercise too.

James: Even on her scooter, she just flies on that thing. I've also got a scooter and I struggle to keep up with her. I'm always telling her to slow down because she goes so fast.

Ella: I've got my scooter. I'm very fast.

James: Do you want mummy to get a scooter?

Ella: Yes!

Ola: OK darling...

ella scooter

Ella is super speedy on her scooter

James gets in trouble

James: The other day I was on the phone with someone who made me really, really angry and I swore at him. I went out to do something, then Ella went up to Ola and repeated what I said about four times. I felt so bad. I forget sometimes.

Ola: I forgave him on that occasion because he was so wound up by that person, so I don't blame him.

James: Imagine if it happens when Ella's older and she goes to school and tells the teacher! I'd be devastated.

It happened to one of my best mates. His reply was: 'Did he spell it right?' Then when he got home he gave his son a right telling off. My friend said he wasn't going to have a go at him in front of everyone.

My mum said she always used to defend me. It's amazing how protective you get. I'm quite a protective person anyway, but when I'm at the park with Ella and little kids push her or something, I want to fight like a four-year-old!!

Ella's off to nursery

Ola: We've got a couple of meetings today and Ella's off to nursery.

Ella: Yeah, nursery.

Ola: You're going to go and have fun with your friends?

Ella: And I'm going to see Miss Lou.

James: Yeah!

Ola: Oh dear, she's getting upset already. It's OK, Ella…

James: And then daddy will pick you up and we'll go swimming. Yeah? You want a cuddle? Aw, her little lip is quivering.

ola jordan ella

It's a girls day for Ella and Ola this weekend

The Jordans' weekend plans

Ola: Oh, guess what James is doing this weekend…

James: It's Club Championships golf which happens once a year and the top 30 go through to the next day.

Ola: He's playing golf. Again. I'm like a golf widow, or whatever you call it.

HELLO!: Ola, do you take Ella along to watch sometimes?

Ola: No, it's too hot to be on a golf course! We'll be in the pool. My sister is coming round on Saturday with my nieces – we'll have a girly day at the pool.

James: There you go. I'll be out of your hair and you'll have a nice girls' day.

Ola: I'm joking, I don't mind him playing golf. I mean, I did miss him the last couple of days because I felt like he wasn't around.

James: Aw that's nice.

Ola: It's hard because Ella misses you. I don't miss you.

James: You said you missed me!

Ola: I didn't mean it that way! I meant I missed him because Ella missed him. I could have gotten some help from him.

HELLO!: When is your next date night, guys?

James: The next date night for us will be in the gym (laughs).

Ola: So romantic! To be honest, I find it hard to leave Ella with anyone. If she was easy to leave with someone then I would.

James: But she won't get easier unless we do it...

Ola: I'm looking forward to September when Ella goes to nursery more – that's why she struggles right now, because she only goes for three hours at a time.

HELLO!: Are you going away this summer?

Ola: We're hoping to take Ella to Poland in August because she's never been there. I haven't been since before I was pregnant. I want to take Ella to see the rest of my family, she's going to love it.

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