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Exclusive: Inside James and Ola Jordan's luxury holiday with their daughter Ella

The professional dancers took Ella to Tenerife

Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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HELLO!'s Parenting columnists James and Ola Jordan have spent the week soaking up the sun in Tenerife with their two-year-old daughter Ella.

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The family stayed at the stunning Wyndham Residences Golf del Sur, enjoying their own private residence as well as the resort's many facilities, which are perfect for families.

WATCH: James and Ola Jordan reveal luxury Tenerife holiday with daughter Ella

The former Strictly Come Dancing stars told us: "We're very lucky to have been on a few holidays this year, but when we used to do Strictly we never had holidays, so we're making up for it."

Ola adds: "We hadn't been on holiday since 2017 until recently. Ella was born, then we had the pandemic lockdowns and James' dad sadly passed away … so it's wonderful enjoying time away together now."

In their column below, Ola and James fill us in on their break away and share their family holiday videos with us.

Holidaying in Tenerife

We caught up with James and Ola midway through their break to get the lowdown…

James: The Wyndham Residences Golf del Sur resort really is a home away from home – that's the great thing. You've got a lounge, dining room, three bedrooms, and great outdoor space with a pool, hot tub, and patio area.

We're on the same time zone as the UK here, which is brilliant if you're travelling with kids.

The resort is fantastic because you can hang out in your accommodation, but also use all the facilities. We go to the restaurant – the breakfast is amazing there. It's the best English breakfast I've ever had abroad.

ella dinner

Ella in the resort's restaurant

Ola: They also have loads of games to take part in. There's a mini-golf here…

James: And you get certificates when you win. When you get three certificates you get a free drink! I've been competitive with it…

Ola: He's been playing a lot of golf here, surprise surprise!

James: I'm also pool champion here and Connect 4 champion. I didn't win ping pong – very upset about that.

There's so much you can do at the resort. They have staff doing the entertainment and they put on activities all day. Ella loves the park – we've been there A LOT.

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Ella's swimming improves

Ola: The pools here are great. There's an adult and a kiddie pool. This holiday Ella has been in the big pool with her armbands swimming around us but not touching us, which is a big improvement. She hasn't done that before so it's really good.

She loves being in the water. She made a friend in the pool the other day, a little girl called Olivia, which was so sweet.

James: They also do aqua aerobics in the pool

Ola: We didn't do it; we were watching it!

James: We've decided we need to do some exercise. It's been lovely to get away and get a bit of sun but when we get home we really have to work out.

Ola: Yep, I've got a food baby growing in my tummy.


Family time by the pool

Doing Ella's hair

Ella's hair is looking particularly pretty in bunches and clips as we chat…

Ola: Ella's really good with having her hair done – she lets me do it. I think her hair bothers her when it goes in her face. She actually says, 'Pin, pin!' She knows that's what we do. We get dressed and we do our hair as well.

ella jordan

Ella's pretty hairstyle

HELLO!: Does James ever do Ella's hair?

James: I tried and I get so angry that I can't do it, because it looks so easy when you guys do it. Her hair is so fine and I find I'm hurting her.

Ola: He leaves that for mummy to do.

James: When it's longer I reckon it will be easier. I could do Ola's hair, easily.

The terrible twos continue

James: At the moment Ella is really testing me. If she doesn't get her own way, she's not happy but I don't want to give in.

This morning Ella wouldn't let me change her nappy. I tried about six or seven times to get her to lie down and change her nappy but she was having none of it. I ended up throwing the nappy across the room.

Then Ola came in, put Ella down and she just lay there and let her change her nappy straight away. It's because she's more scared of her mum than she is of her dad, isn't she?

Ola: Yeah, she's more scared of me.

James: Ella's doing it to wind me up. She's definitely in the terrible twos at the moment. She's still really cute but she has those moments where you can't reason with her.

Ola: She adores her dad. Yesterday she wanted him around all the time – even when she was going to bed, she was crying for him all the time. She loves him but at the same time, I think they're sometimes too much for each other with the arguing. Imagine when she's a teenager… it's going to be fun!!

James: She's so stubborn, it's unbelievable.


The Jordans loved their holiday

Ella starts drawing with her crayons…

Ola: What colour are your crayons Ella?

Ella: Pink, orange, red!

After a while James suddenly realises that Ella's been drawing in crayon on the back of his T-shirt…

James: Are you drawing on daddy's top?!

Ola: She did! Look, she's hiding now...

James: Ooh, you naughty little thing!

For details of other Resort Residences by Wyndham, including two alternative Tenerife properties close to Playa de las America, where you can enjoy all of the luxuries of a first-class hotel and the comforts of a private home with ease, please visit

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