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Strictly star Ola Jordan with daughter Ella on holiday© Ola Jordan

Ola Jordan's fears for daughter Ella's health ahead of big family change

Former Strictly dancer Ola talks family change in her column Ola & Ella

Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
May 24, 2024
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Ola Jordan has opened up to HELLO! in her new column Ola & Ella, following some big news in their household.

The former Strictly Come Dancing champion, who shares four-year-old daughter Ella with her husband, fellow Strictly professional James Jordan, spoke exclusively to us about a change of circumstances for their family of three.

WATCH: Ola and Ella dance together in the kitchen

"James is doing a new dancing tour called Legends of the Dancefloor with other Strictly stars as well as another work project, so he's going to be away for a long time," said Ola.

"He's going away from September to December, so I'm going to be left with Ella on my own. I was feeling a bit nervous about it, but James just went on a five-day golf trip and Ella and I got into a good routine at home, so we'll be fine."

In her exclusive HELLO! column below, Ola fills us in on her recent mummy-daughter week with Ella, how her daughter is doing in her dance class and how the family feel about James' upcoming tour. Ella has suffered some health problems of late and we get the lowdown on how she's doing now.

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When James went away…

We recently went to Turkey on a work trip with Ella, and when we came home James went straight on a golf trip. It's been lovely spending time on my own with Ella.

Ella Jordan daughter of James Jordan posing on a rock © Ola Jordan
Ella on holiday in Turkey

Ella is very much a daddy's girl, so when he's away I feel like she's really into being with me. I feel like she's naughtier for me when daddy's around – I don't know why. She was much better behaved when it was just me and her, as good as gold.

I'm not saying that James is any less strict with her, but she is a bit of a daddy's girl. The moment daddy walks in she's like, 'Daddy! I love you, you're the best!'

When James is home, bedtime is really my time with Ella. That's the time she wants me, so I sit on her bed with her. She says things like, 'Mummy I want to hold your hand, I want a kiss'.

She actually said to me last night, 'Mummy why don't you sit here all the time? Why do you go somewhere else?' She obviously worked out that when she wakes up, I'm not there. 

Ella Jordan in pink dress with mum Ola Jordan in khaki dress© Ola Jordan
Ola and her daughter Ella

And yes, she still comes into our bed about 1am. We don't really mind though as she just sleeps. In the morning when she wakes up, she grabs my arm and cuddles me, and wants my arm around her. People might not agree with it, but I love it. She's still my baby. She'll always be my baby.

Ola is a dance mum now

Ella's been going to her dance class and she's loving it. I tried to ask her to show me some moves, but she doesn't quite know what to show. She'll go, 'Mummy that song… we use that in dance class'. Bless her, she's not the best just yet!

I think they learn a routine in class, but I don't watch her as they don't let the parents go in. I find it hard because I want to be there and watch, to see how she behaves and if she's paying attention.

I go in with her at her gymnastics class, so I know when she's not paying attention. I say, 'Listen to the teacher, you're not listening.'

Little Ella is loving her dance classes© Instagram
Little Ella is loving her dance classes

I sit in my car during her dance class. That's what the other parents do, or they drive off for an hour. I'm sitting there like a lemon because I don't want to go anywhere just in case she needs me.

I'm not sure if she has an end of term show but it'll be amazing watching her, I can't wait.

Ella's health update

Ella's health isn't the best right now, unfortunately. She's started to cough again, and her ears are definitely playing up.

There's been a case of chicken pox in her nursery so I'm waiting to see if she gets that. I'm on alert with her; I'm watching her cough all the time.

Ella Jordan posing in black and white gingham dress on holiday© Ola Jordan
Ola and James Jordan's pretty little girl Ella

She also has really red cheeks on holiday, and I was confused by it. I thought I'd put enough factor 50 suncream on her, so I'm not sure what it was. We had a message on a parents' group about slapped cheek syndrome, which I'd never heard of. Apparently one of the little girls had it recently – now I'm wondering if Ella's red cheeks were that illness. She's felt fine in herself though.

I'm a bit nervous about her health this autumn when James goes away with work – I'll be on high alert with her cough.

James' new dance tour

When James starts the Legends tour, he won't be coming home on weekends because he'll be doing shows then, so he'll be away a long time, and his days off might be travelling days to the next venue.

Before anyone says anything like, 'Why is he touring and she's at home?'… it's my choice, I want to be at home with Ella.

It will be a big shock for her that daddy's not around but she's going to have school, she'll be tired anyway. Then she'll have after school clubs – she'll be doing her gymnastics and dancing – so she'll be busy.

James and Ola Jordan
The Jordan family

I will take Ella to go and see his show though.

She hasn't seen him dance on stage before, although she has watched videos of us dancing. She's very interested in James' Dancing on Ice videos. She's always saying, 'Who's Alex mummy?' because he danced with Alexandra Schauman. She goes, 'Mummy that's not you, is it?' 

I'm sure she's going to love seeing him dance on the stage, it's going to be amazing.

James, Ella and Ola posing for a family photo © Getty
James and Ola will spend a few months apart

Helping James get tour-ready

I'm going to have to help train James for his tour. As fit as we are for our age, 'dancing fit' is totally different. I'll help him train in the studio and go to the gym.

I'm nervous for him because he's got to find a new dance partner for the tour, but he's used to dancing with me.

I'm not jealous – life's too short and it's his work. I'm not going to sit here and stress about him dancing with a younger girl. I keep joking with him, 'How are you going to find a replacement, it's impossible!'

No, seriously, there are loads of amazing dancers, I'm sure he'll find someone fabulous. He's doing it for us at the end of the day.

I'm sure one year James might say, 'I don't want to do the tour, why don't you do it?' When I'm ready and Ella's settled in her school I might do, and I'm happy with that.

It will be weird for me on weekdays with James gone and Ella at school, but I'm going to have some time to myself which will be lovely.

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