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Skincare: What's your skin type?

May 20, 2008
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If you want perfect skin like Angelina Jolie, you need to look after it according to its individual needs.


* Normal skin

Your skin is normal if: It looks healthy without either frequent shiny, dry, or dull patches, and it doesn't feel tight.

It's caused by: Luck with your genes and hormones. However, weather extremes, stress levels, tiredness, illness and pregnancy can lead to changes in skin type, too.

Skin solution: Using a moisturiser will help skin maintain its natural hydration levels to keep it looking healthy. Regular cleansing is still required to prevent spots. 


* Oily skin

Your skin is oily if: It looks shiny, particularly through the 'T-zone' from the forehead down the nose to the chin, and you're prone to breakouts and blackheads.

It's caused by: An over-production of sebum – the skin's natural lubricant - which is controlled by hormones and may, therefore, settle down with age. 

Skin solution: Keep skin clean so oil doesn’t block pores - but don't overdo it or skin will produce even more oil. Choose light, oil-free products and look for non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic ones.


* Dry skin

Your skin is dry if: It looks dull, feels rough, is prone to flakiness and feels tight after washing with water.

It's caused by: Harsh weather, sun exposure and even central heating. Sebum production also slows down with the ageing process.

Skin solution: As well as adding moisture, moisturisers form a barrier over skin that helps prevent moisture loss. Avoid products containing alcohol, which is extra drying.


* Sensitive skin

Your skin is sensitive if: It's easily irritated by the environment or the products you use. It may start to feel itchy, sore, or as if it's burning - or it may develop a visible reaction.

It's caused by: An allergic or irritant reaction which can develop suddenly.

Skin solution: Keep products and their ingredients to a minimum. Avoid fragrances, alcohol, colouring and key irritants such as lanolin, PABA and benzoic acid. And favour products with 'hypoallergenic' on the label.


* Combination skin

Your skin is combination if: You have an oily 'T-zone', but the rest of your face is normal or even dry.

It's caused by: Over-productive oil glands down the centre and, possibly, not enough sebum production on cheeks to maintain a normal barrier function.

Skin solution: Use skincare specifically for your skin type, which is formulated to be tough on oil and gentle on normal or dry areas. Apply moisturiser only where you need it and go for oil-free or water based cosmetics.

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