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Personalised skincare: The secret behind Millie Mackintosh's gorgeous glow

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Millie Mackintosh also has a healthy glow, and Made In Chelsea star has revealed the secrets to her radiant complexion. The blogger and fashionista said that she would soon be talking about the wonders of facial acupuncture as she posted a photo of her face dotted with needles. Acupuncture is an ancient procedure proved to improve the complexion and stimulate the skin's natural health benefits and now skin therapist Nataliya Robinson has shared the steps behind the Mille's tailor made facial with us at HELLO! Online.


As with all of her facials, the luxurious process is tailormade to fit the individual, meaning each step fits the skin's personal requirements to achieve optimum results. Millie's treatment in particular was tailored specifically for her combination skin type and included a mix of three key techniques as Nataliya explains… 1. The Wet Oxygen FacialMillie is a big fan of hydrating her skin whenever she can. She often goes make-up free face and knows the importance of letting her skin breathe which makes this treatment ideal for adding moisture into the dermal layers of the skin. By directly pumping oxygen into the face it increases and stimulate skin renewal, improves the appearance of scars and sun damaged skin. The procedure is quick, easy and pleasantly refreshing.2. Facial Acupuncture It may look scary but this is an effective way to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face and it is free of any negative side effects. We often don’t realise how much we use these muscles through expression and every day tensions. Millie's schedule is very busy right now with filming the new series of Made In Chelsea so this was an opportunity to relax those muscles and help smooth the skin. The benefits of facial acupuncture include the reduction and prevention of wrinkles and frown lines in addition to improving the complexion by increasing the local circulation to the face. It's so important to maintain the elasticity of facial muscles as early as possible as this is what prevents wrinkles from forming.For Millie I used very fine, disposable acupuncture needles that are placed at strategic points on the face to increase the local production of collagen and elastin which strengthens the structure of the skin.

3. Indian Face Lift MassageThis final step helps to lift the skin and create the radiance that Millie is known for. The Indian Facial Massage is a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. During the treatment a combination of natural creams and serums were applied, based on high-quality active ingredients.

Millie's treatment took one hour and 20 minutes and the combined cost of the three-step process cost £160. A full list of treatments available from Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy can be found on her website

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