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Eva Herzigova reveals what she thinks about Insta-models

22 February 2016
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Model, muse and mother to three sons under ten, Eva Herzigova juggles those roles beautifully. HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott talks to her about skincare, self-esteem and sustainability.

There are few people who hear the name Eva Herzigova and do not smile at the memory of her iconic "Hello Boys" poster campaign for Wonderbra or think back to her role as a member of a celebrated generation of supermodels. But as a mother of three sons – George, eight, Philipe, nearly five, and two-year-old Edward – with her partner Gregorio Marsiaj, as well as an actress, philanthropist and environmental campaigner, these days Eva picks her creative partnerships with care. Her latest sees her join Dior for a new skincare campaign and to celebrate we sat down and swapped beauty notes with our favourite Czech mate.


Eva Herzigova talks all things beauty and modelling

Why did you choose to partner with Dior?

"Dior is multi-dimensional. That can seem a bit clichéd, but it does celebrate plural femininity. Who can say if the Dior woman is blonde or brunette, glamorous or vamp? The one thing that matters is that she shines. Dior is a trendsetter yet friendly at the same time and its gardens are spread around the world and bring exceptional ingredients while promoting sustainable economy. These gardens also enable the creation of partnerships with local producers, some in developing countries."

The new Dior campaign celebrates the fact that Capture Totale comes in three different textures – which is your favourite?

"I really like the idea of changing the texture of my face cream, depending on how my skin feels. For instance, I imagine using the rich texture during the winter, when we all feel like we have very dry and damaged skin. On the contrary, during the hot season, the skin often feels a bit oily and the light texture is a very good compromise."

It is also the first luxurious skincare range to work towards sustainability – with its refillable jars, for instance. Was that also a factor for you?

"Yes. I became concerned about the environment after my first son was born – you start to care what the future will be like when you have kids. Together with my father I have built a few windmills back home in Czech Republic."

The campaign was shot by Paolo Roversi. What was it like working with him?

"Paolo was one of the first renowned photographers I worked with when I started out in Paris and we've worked together many times. He is a friend and he loves working with women. It was a pleasure to have him capture me for this campaign; I must say it represents absolute femininity and modernity. Today women are stronger, more assertive and Capture Totale is not afraid to tell them that their age is the most beautiful one."


Eva also opened up about her skincare and make-up secrets

You will be 43 in March and are as in demand as ever. Has modelling affected how you think about ageing and beauty?

"Being a model brings you confidence. We work with our body and face, but that doesn't mean I never question myself or have fears. Yes, I know who I am, but I remain a human being so am still vulnerable. I hope women notice that when they see me. I am far from being a robot, ready to fire at any time and numb from the outside world. Beauty is still a very simple and humble idea for me. I feel like each age and each period of your life brings different things and makes you accomplish different things. Of course, when in your 20s you're as fresh as you'll ever be. But something else emerges with the passing of years, seduction becomes a more subtle charm, a mix of different appealing details. You gain substance. I truly believe that something inexplicable yet beautiful is awakened in you when you've passed your 30s and that it's a lot more sustainable than being forever young."

Have ideals of beauty changed over the course of your career?

"Yes. The idea that a woman is beautiful in her 40s and 50s. Today it is known they have incredible sex appeal – in another decade they wouldn't even have been looked at."

What advice would give to other women in their 40s?

"Stop comparing yourself and don't try to look like you're 20 – that's just nonsense. And don't chase the past. Instead, alter your style and your mind and you will feel great again."

What makes you feel beautiful?

"When I am productive. Leading a happy life can make you sparkle. To be able to truly shine and conquer, you need to feel like you have accomplished something whether it is in your family life or your career – or both."

How do you manage to balance looking after three young sons with the demands of travelling the world for your work?

"It's not easy; I depend on planning ahead and being organised. My life is like a very fine-tuned watch: if one piece is out of order, everything falls to pieces. And that's when my friends and family really help me out. Since becoming a mother, I breathe for my boys and there are times when my husband reminds me to be a bit more selfish and to think of myself as well."

Who is your beauty icon?

"Charlotte Rampling."

What is your biggest beauty secret?

"An eye mask."

eva herzigova

Eva shared her favourite products - scroll below for the full list

Which products do you always have with you to ensure you look your best?

"Capture Totale Serum Foundation and Cream. Sometimes Dior Addict Lipstick and for a night out Diorshow Art Pen and Rouge Dior 999. I also use Dreamskin when I travel – that smooth touch feels very nice before applying make-up."

What is the best bit of beauty advice you've ever been given?

"Clean your skin properly."

Do you have a favourite exercise routine?

"I just started barrecore this month."

If you have just five minutes to get ready, what do you do?

"Smudge on some eyeliner, comb my hair back and put some high heels on."

Social media has had a big impact on the fashion industry. Are you a fan?

"This is a new age for the modelling industry and you get all kinds of people involved in fashion. From the point of view of aesthetics I'm not really interested in the social media success girls, but beauties that create an image to remember inspire me."

Do you use Instagram and, if so, who do you follow?

"I love it in small doses. It's eating up my time most of the time, but I love images – I always have. And there are some lovely ones, like @_nitch, @kaymontano, @natgeo, @bluemoon_collective, @francasozzanil."

What's your top tip for looking great in photos?

"Feeling amazing helps, so invest in your look – haircut, make-up or not, dress nicely, put hot shoes on and a drop of perfume."

Do you have a favourite artist?

"I enjoy Modigliani."

And what music do you enjoy listening to?

"Seventies rock or singer/songwriter music, like Lucio Battisti."

With such a busy schedule, how do you relax?

"I go to movies or I have a steam. I love a mani-pedi; I cook; I plan things for the next day."

When it comes to eating, what are your guilty pleasures?

"A lot of little things – kind of tapas-like instead of a one-bowl meal. My favourites are Italian and Japanese cuisine, but as long as it's simple and authentic I'll love it."

Eva's Essentials

1. Yon-Ka Masque No.1 , £43, visit Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, £28, from Space NK, or visit uk.nuxe.com3. Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin, £794. Diorshow Art Pen in Black, £255. Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick 999, £26.506. Dior Capture Totale La Crème Multi-Perfection for face and neck, £1277. Dior Capture Totale Serum Foundation, £62. Dior products are available from Boots, Harrods and Selfridges, or visit dior.com8. Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water, £15; visit uk.melvita.com9. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, £26, from Boots, or visit

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