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Nicole Kidman's nighttime skincare regime revealed

The Hours actress has revealed which products she uses to get glowy skin

nicole kidman skincare
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Nicole Kidman carries out the majority of her skincare regime at night, because she never has time in the morning. The 50-year-old actress certainly has her work cut out for her, with a successful screen career as well as being mother to two young daughters with husband Keith Urban. So when it comes to looking after her flawless complexion, Nicole gives herself time in the evening, to avoid a time clash when she's running around at the start of the day.

nicole kidman skincare

Nicole Kidman primarily carries out her skincare regime in the evening 

"If at night time you do most of the work, you can wake up and you can be pretty quick because let's face it, I mean most of us are rushing in the morning. I don't know that many people that have an enormous amount - if you want to get a workout in, plus take care of your kids, plus get them to school, plus get to work – all of those things, there's very little time to be doing some half hour skin care routine," Nicole told Vogue. Detailing her regime, Nicole cited the Neutrogena night repair cream as her favourite, with the retinol in it helping her dry skin. The morning sees her using the Neutrogena daytime regenerating cream, with some invisible zinc on the top to protect her pale complexion from the sun.

nicole kidman

Nicole's skin always looks glowy on the red carpet 

She's less concerned when it comes to make-up, however. As her work often requires her to wear a full face of cosmetics, when Nicole has a day off, she prefers to tone things down and go as close to make-up free as possible. "I don't like a lot of make up because I just don't like feeling like I've got a mask on, I like actually just like being able to feel that my skin can be seen and also I don't like wearing huge amounts of eye make-up and I'm very much about the quickest way to do things," she smiled.

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