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8 plastic-free beauty products you NEED to make your makeup bag more eco-friendly

See ya, single-use plastic

plastic free beauty
Fiona Ward
Acting Fashion and Beauty Editor
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If you're anything like us, all this talk of plastic waste clogging up our oceans – not to mention the fact there's 6.9 billion tonnes of unrecycled plastic on our planet, yikes – is really putting a downer on our supposed-to-be-relaxing self-care routines. 75 per cent of post-consumer plastic waste is sent to landfill – and how much of that is made up of old toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles and moisturiser packaging? A lot, we reckon. The truth is, while we can (and should) put our minds to sticking to reusable shopping bags and investing in a bamboo coffee cup, when it comes to beauty, there's not much on offer other than plastic-encased products. At least, that's what we thought.

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Happily, the beauty industry is realising the devastating effects of single-use plastic – and there are more and more brands offering eco-friendly options. Scroll down to see the products that are getting a big green thumbs-up from us…

lush hot oil

Hot Oil Treatment, Lush, £6.95

Hoorah for Lush, which has a huge range of packaging-free products from shampoos to hair dye and even deodorants. This hot oil treatment comes in a solid bar, and is melted down with hot water to concoct the hair masque, which is left on for 20 minutes. Say hello to your soft and shiny barnet - and ta-ra to single-use plastic guilt…


Vanderohe Nourishing Face Serum, £33

Ultra-luxurious and organic, this is pricey stuff – but if you're serious about going plastic-free whilst maintaining quality, Vanderohe is a brand worth taking a look at. The Nourishing Face Serum is arguably the cult product, most suited to sensitive or dehydrated skin. The best thing? All Vanderohe's potions are housed in completely plastic-free packaging, using a dark violet glass to protect the ingredients.

babe balm

BYBI Babe Balm, £18

This tube looks plastic, right? It's actually made from sugar cane, and is completely biodegradable. The all-purpose balm inside is perfect for dry lips, flaky skin or adding a bit of a sheen to the cheeks.

sister co true cleanse

Sister & Co True Cleanse, £30

If you love an oil cleanser, give this baby a try – housed in a glass bottle and made with 100 per cent natural and vegan ingredients, it's pretty much guilt free. Slather it on, emulsify with water and remove with a cloth to get rid of makeup and leave skin dewy.

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Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets, £2.40 for 60

These tablets are made with fluoride, and do the job just like any normal toothpaste would. Simply chew, add a little water then brush as usual. Easy. Bonus points if you use a bamboo toothbrush, too.

lush foundation plastic free

Lush Slap Stick, £16.95

Another shout out for Lush - but this time it's the packaging-free solid foundation which came out in late 2018. Genius. The formulation has a lot of coconut oil in it, so prepare for a dewy finish (and you definitely need to keep it somewhere cool), but with 40 shades and three undertones on offer, we are very impressed.

ethique face serum

Saving Face Treatment, Ethique, £24.50

Ethique is the first-ever zero waste beauty brand, and all their totally sustainable products come in solid form. You can choose from cleansers, shampoos, scrubs and deodorants, but we love this nourishing face serum. It's vegan, cruelty free and palm oil-free, too.

face halo

Face Halo, Boots, £7.50

Say goodbye to environmentally unfriendly face wipes and cotton pads, and hello to your new bestie, the Face Halo. This clever microfibre pad can be used with just water to remove your makeup, and then popped in the wash with your clothes to clean. It can be washed up to 200 times, and the brand now even offers an upcycling programme – simply return your used Face Halo and it will be reused in various ways in other industries. The packaging can be used as a pouch for travel, too.

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