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Where are the Gossip Girl Cast now?

Nate’s on holiday with Nina Dobrev, Dan and Jenny have reunited and Serena is BFF’s with Taylor Swift…

Blair and Serena on the NYC whilst filming Gossip Girl
Orion Scott
Fashion Features Writer
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As much as I’ve tried to fight the urge, I just can’t help but watch Gossip Girl on repeat. Again... For the eighth time.

If you’re a GG fan then you’ll know this feeling all too well and understand that re-watching the Upper East Side elite and Brooklyn’s lonely boy navigate their extremely complicated lives is a new year right of passage. 

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The Steps of the MET will never be the same again. IYKYK.© Gossip Girl
The Steps of the MET will never be the same again. IYKYK.

So far I’m five episodes into season one ( I’m taking things slow please no judgement) and I found myself wondering “Where is Lily van der Woodsen now?” in fact, “Where is the whole cast now?” As you can imagine, I ended up down an internet rabbit hole which I'm calling "research." So without further ado, here’s where every Gossip Girl character (worth caring about) is now.

Lily van der Woodsen is a real Birkin mom

It seems Lily van der Woodsen and Kelly Rutherford aren’t that different, especially when it comes to style. The actress's Instagram is a sea of stylish outfit pics, some of which are so chic, that I’m wondering if she styled herself whilst on set.

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Nate is on holiday with Nina Dobrev 

This just in, Nate Archibald is seen headed to St. Barths with Nina Dobrev. Earlier this week Olympic snowboarder Shawn White, Chance Crawford's BFF posted an image of the friendly crew on a boat. It seems Nate is taking some downtime from his busy schedule, which I’m hoping means that he’s finished filming the new season of The Boys.

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Serena is best buds with T Swizz 

As we all know, Blake Lively, better known as Serena, is thriving in the real world. If she’s not supporting her husband Ryan Reynolds' football team, spending time with her adorable offspring or at a girls' night with besties Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Zoe Kravitz, she can be found on set filming. Her most recent movie is set to debut It Ends with Us is set to debut on February 9th of this year.

Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Taylor swift pose for a friendly pic © Instagram / @blakelively
The Upper East Side socialite in action

Blair married Seth from the OC 

In 2014 two iconic worlds collided as GG’s Leighton Meester and The OC’s Adam Brody tied the knot. The two are still happily married and both are still acting whilst balancing family life. Leighton’s most recent movie ‘Exmas’ debuted last November just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, she’s stopped sporting her iconic Blair Waldorf headbands and is now rocking bangs instead. 

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Chuck Bass traded lux hotels for safari rides in Africa

Chuck is finally tied down and is living his best life in London with his long-term girlfriend Amy Jackson. Ed Westwick continues to act, however, has most recently taken a break to visit Africa and raise awareness about rhino poaching.

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Georgina Sparks is living the quiet life

It seems that Michelle Trachtenberg, the actress who played Georgina Sparks has pretty much given up acting and is focusing on her two children. I honestly don’t blame her for throwing in the silver screen towel, after all, how could she ever top her role as Georgina Sparks?

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Lonely Boy is hanging out with Little J

When I saw this post it was almost like everything in the world was right again. The on-screen siblings recently reunited on an episode of Penn Badgely's podcast, PodCruched. It seems Dan still possesses that big brother energy we all grew to love, captioning the Instagram post “She’s thriving, and refining her lifelong craft as a musician. I’m so happy for you, Taylor.”

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Vanessa unfortunately doesn’t deserve to be in this round-up because I’m still not over the whole Juliet scandal.

XOXO Gossip Girl.

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