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Stacey Solomon shows off impressive airing cupboard transformation

Wait until you see the results

stacey solomon airing cupboard

Stacey Solomon knows no end when it comes to organising her home. Together, her and cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch are full of handy hacks: Stacey uses a Lazy Susan to hold her bath bombs, Mrs Hinch uses Zoflora to clean just about everything and Stacey even labels everything in her fridge according to product and day.

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Her latest overhaul concerns her airing cupboard, where she stores the bedding for her and her family, husband Joe and children Leighton, Zachary and Rex. The Loose Women star took to Instagram Stories to share her plans: "Finally got myself off of the sofa," she said. "Went to change the bedding (it's been a while) and I don't know what the heck has gone on here in the bedding cupboard but I can't leave it like this."

stacey solomon before

Stacey Solomon shared a photo of her unorganised airing cupboard

We know what you're thinking. For your average housewife, the before photo isn't bad by any means, but the finished product blew our minds.

stacey solomon after

Stacey posted a photo of the cupboard after tidying and organising

Stacey whipped the cupboard into shape with sections labelled according to bedding, towels, 'Pickle' towels (her nickname for son Rex), a holiday section, and a jar of rose petals and bath salts on the top shelf. 

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This isn't the first we've seen of her labelling, either. Like we said, she labels everything in her fridge, as well as her kitchen cupboards, her cleaning cupboard, and all of her makeup and beauty products. Mrs Hinch does the same.

And apparently there's method behind this madness. Mrs Hinch's book Hinch Yourself Happy claims that cleaning offers an easy escape from daily stressors which, when you think about it, makes total sense. It gives you an instant sense of accomplishment and control that we lack in other areas of life (read: coronavirus), while the concentration it requires will take your mind off of anything that's been worrying you. Inspired? Stacey saves all of her tips and tricks on her Instagram Stories. Give them a go.   

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