Mrs Hinch shares new kitchen tidying hack with the help of Stacey Solomon

Stacey's controversial packet hangers are back!

Nichola Murphy

Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – have grown closer and closer over the past few months, sharing everything from cleaning hacks to trips to IKEA. And the pair teamed up again at the weekend to reveal another fabulous hack to keep Mrs Hinch's new kitchen tidy.


It's no secret that Stacey loves a Lazy Susan cake stand, having used one for everything from storing her bath bombs in the bathroom to stacking her tinned soups in the kitchen - and now she has installed one in her friend's house! Sharing several videos on their Instagram Stories, the pair revealed the Loose Women panellist brought a box of organising supplies to Mrs Hinch's home during Ronnie and Rex's playdate and got to work on her kitchen cupboards while the little boys were asleep. "Brought a box of treats round so we can have some cupboard fun," Stacey wrote alongside a photo of a wicker basket full of supplies, including a bejewelled Febreze bottle she handmade for Mrs Hinch. 

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Mrs Hinch's cupboard before Stacey's organising hacks

Heading into the Instagram cleaning sensation's newly fitted kitchen, she made a beeline for the cupboards and prepared to impart some wisdom on how to make use of all available space. Next to a photo of the neatly stacked tins and boxes of sauces in Mrs Hinch's cupboard, she wrote: "It was perfectly tidy already I just couldn't help myself." She followed up with a picture of her tomato sauce, mayonnaise and other sauces on a rotating Lazy Suzan - and it was next to one of Stacey's iconic packet hangers! Who can forget the controversy the 30-year-old caused when she shared pictures of colour-coordinated packets of crisps hanging from spare shower curtain rings on a rod inside her kitchen cabinet?


Mrs Hinch's cupboard now includes a Lazy Susan and packet hangers

Spinning the newly-organised sauces, Mrs Hinch joked she would return the favour when she next visited Stacey's home. "When Stacey comes round and wants to get in your cupboards. Wait until I get my hands on her under sink cupboard next," she quipped. 


Stacey and Mrs Hinch's little boy's Rex and Ronnie enjoyed a playdate

As well as their love of a tidy and organised home, the pair also have their son's Ronnie and Rex in common, both of which are similar ages. Stacey and Mrs Hinch shared a picture of the sweet little boys wearing matching white and blue babygrows alongside an important message about friendship. "Rex and Ronnie...A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are. Friends are so important and I hope that these two have a friendship that lasts forever. In a world that tries to pit people against each other, true friendship is so important," the caption read.

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