Joe Swash left unimpressed by Stacey Solomon's latest home hack

The Loose Women star is trying to bring her herbs back to life

Andrea Caamano

Stacey Solomon delights fans every week with her genius home hacks, from creating stunning diffusers using old perfume bottles to turning old crates into beautiful garden shelves, the Loose Women panellist always has a tip or trick up her sleeve - and her fans couldn't be more thankful.

One person who is not as impressed, however, is her partner Joe Swash. On Monday, as Stacey was sharing details of her latest project on her Instagram Stories, Joe was quick to voice his dislike, telling Stacey to "leave the walls as they are".


Stacey showed off her herbs before undergoing the transformation

"Turns out I am RUBBISH at growing herbs," Stacey told her followers as she explained her latest plan. "I'm going to try and save them. I've done some research (what a loser) and I'm going to try to re pot them and bring them back to life."

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Detailing the process whilst sharing it on social media, she wrote: "Ok, so I'm taking them out, cleaning out the jars and filling them with some stones for better drainage… Then I cut the top off of some old bottles, and put them upside down in the jar."

She continued: "I then tried to cut all of the dead bits away, filled the pot with some water and put the herbs back in. Hopefully all of this will encourage the roots to grow down the bottle and only drink what they need."


The star was delighted with how good they looked at the end

Finally, Stacey showed off the final product. "I've hung them on the wall next to the fridge. Some of you said they may prefer it indoors so I'll keep you posted. Hopefully if they like it here in their new homes when they grow and become greener this will look really nice.

"I really hope they like living here, because if this works I might do the whole wall," she said laughing as Joe quickly jumped to voice his disagreement.

"Please, god, no. Leave the walls as they are," Joe can be heard saying in the background as he cooks dinner for his family.

We're siding with Stacey on this one, we love her latest hack and we are taking notes!