Stacey Solomon reveals son Rex's unusual bedroom feature

The Loose Women star lives in Essex

Nichola Murphy

After tackling her two eldest sons' bedrooms recently, Stacey Solomon has turned her attention to baby Rex's room at her new Essex home.

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The one-year-old's bedroom currently has cream walls and green carpets, with a wooden chest of drawers, a TV, a cot and a shower cubicle down a hallway.

The Loose Women star began renovations inside the space on Tuesday, starting with the fireplace which is the focal point of the room.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon transforms sons bedrooms in new home

"I'm going to start with the fireplace because it's only a little thing to do but it's something I might actually be able to achieve," she told fans as she showed off the intricate design, which features blue and pink floral tiles and silver detailing.

Stacey began by cleaning the tiles with a damp cloth, before covering the base with dark paint and changing the wood to a pale grey colour. But not without some mishaps!


The Loose Women star's son has a fireplace and shower cubicle in his bedroom

A clip shows that Rex had woken up from his nap and ran across the black base, walking paint across the carpets. Making light of the situation, Stacey said: "The carpet is coming up so it's my dust sheet for now."

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Sharing her usual tap to tidy photo, Stacey showed off the transformation with before and after photos.


Stacey painted the fireplace neutral colours

Next to a snap of the finished design, the mum-of-three wrote: "It looks very silver where the paint is wet but it's actually a really nice matt grey when it dries. Also imagine the breast painted and the skirtings changed, it'll look right eventually. One thing at a time."

Since she moved in last month, Stacey has already made lots of changes to her Tudor-style home, which she shares with her fiancé Joe Swash.

With the help of her dad, the star has erected a wall to separate one huge bedroom into two smaller ones for her sons Zachary and Leighton.

Panning the camera around a big bedroom with red carpets and cream walls, Stacey explained: "So this is how it started. And then my dad told the boys how much my sister and I used to argue – so much that he put a wall in the middle of our room, which they thought was a great idea."

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