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8 savvy home upgrades to add £70k to your property price

These projects could make you thousands

Rachel Avery

Considering selling your house and want to add value to it? Here are the best ways to up your home's asking price. Leading sofa and carpet specialist, ScS, has partnered with Bruna Pani at We Buy Any House to reveal how to add up to £15,000 onto each room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, which could result in a £70,000 value increase.

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Replace your radiators to add up to £10,000

Having a heating system that provides sufficient warmth is always going to be a winner, but upgrading radiators can also help with the overall appearance of a room. Wickes have the most amazing range of radiators - whatever your style. 

"Starting at around £600, free-standing, aluminium radiators are perfect for a stylish, modern upgrade to your heating system. Black or charcoal coloured radiators not only add a classic and chic element to your living room but are also the advised option as they emit the most heat, which will keep the room at a nice cosy temperature," suggests Bruna.


New radiators will increase your house's value

Change your interior doors to add up to £7,500

Having uniform doors throughout your house can bring a certain standard to your property and B&Q have ones that start from £35.97 each - bargain! 

Bruna says: "Starting at just £700, the addition of single or double sliding doors leading into your living room not only provides more functional and flexible access, but also elevates the style of the room by creating the option of having open space and flow throughout the house."

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Invest in a kitchen island to add up to £15,000

Kitchen islands are a great example of pretty and practical – great for pre-school run breakfasts but also so Instagrammable! Did you know you can even get portable kitchen islands which are more affordable?

"Islands have many benefits, from providing a casual seating area, to making extra storage room for appliances. This feature creates a modernised fixture that adds value to the aesthetic and function of the room, and prices start from as little as £250, says Bruna.


Kitchen islands are an A-lister fave

Replace your kitchen floor to add up to £5,000

Kitchens are a big selling point for any home so upgrading the overall look of the room with a new floor will only be a good thing. ScS have a wide range and colours and styles to suit any space. 

Bruna advises: "Replacing the kitchen floor can totally transform a room and result in a clean and comfortable finish, which is practical and affordable. Starting at £402/m, modern porcelain tiles are an effective way to add value onto the kitchen, as they're hard-wearing, waterproof, stain-resistant and durable."

Add an en-suite to add up to £10,000

Though a fairly expensive and laborious project, adding an en-suite bathroom can increase property values by over 5 per cent as they are a must-have for many home buyers - and there are so many options to choose from to keep costs down.

Bruna says: "Combining the fixtures, fittings and finishes of an en-suite can cost upwards of £3,000, but can add great value to the room and overall price of the property. They bring accessibility and are a really practical addition to any bedroom. They also provide an element of luxury."

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Build a walk-in wardrobe to add up to £7,500

A necessity for the rich and famous may only be desirable in our book, but just imagine the look on buyers' faces when they see the added extra of a walk-in wardrobe. Our advice? Check out the selection of wardrobe interiors on Etsy to get inspired. 

Bruna's advice? "Transforming part of a spacious bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe is a great way to add value onto the property, as well as providing easy access to all your clothing items. Starting at around £5,000, the addition of a walk-in wardrobe is a luxurious way to get ready, especially if you indulge in a fitted dressing area, full-length mirrors and ambient lighting."


Walk-in wardrobes will up your home's selling power

Try underfloor heating to add up to £10,000

Adding underfloor heating is a luxe move that may feel rather fancy but it is also quite practical for small spaces as there will be less room needed for radiators.The Underfoor Heating Store will get you up to speed on everything. 

Bruna explains: "Underfloor heating ranges from £1,000 to £1,500 depending on size, the company installing and cost of materials. However, it makes a bathroom far more cost-efficient, in comparison to running regular heating, and adds a feeling of quality."

Upgrade your bathtub to add up to £5,000

Bathtubs often suffer from wear and tear, so giving yours an upgrade before listing your property will certainly help when it comes to bringing in those offers - will you go for a rolltop, L-shaped or maybe even corner bath?

"Replacing the bathtub is essential when aiming to add value to the bathroom. Opting to replace an old one with a high-end, luxury, spa-inspired bathtub can significantly increase the overall value of the room," says Bruna.


Nice baths are a big selling point

Which renovations should you prioritise? Amy Forster, content executive at ScS, said: "It can be hard to know which areas of your home are best to invest in when trying to make it look attractive to buyers, but our research shows that every single room can increase value.

"While en-suite bathrooms and kitchen islands add the most money to your home, it’s good to know that even relatively minor upgrades, like replacing doors and radiators, can still really increase your value."


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