The real reason the Queen didn't want to sell Prince Andrew's home

Prince Andrew is reportedly moving out of his Windsor home

There are reports swirling that Prince Andrew could be moving out of his Windsor home, Royal Lodge, which he shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, but here's the real reason the Queen didn't want the property to go outside of the royal family.

Andrew leases the home from the Crown Estate, an agreement established with a £1million one-off payment but before the lease was made, there was a question as to whether the house could be sold off, but it was dismissed by the Crown Estate.

The chapel that royals use on the site 

A National Audit Office Report explained: "The Crown Estate could have offered up the lease option to the wider market but did not, because of the sensitive location of the property in the centre of the Windsor Great Park with its consequential management considerations, and because of security concerns surrounding the Royal Family's access to the Royal Chapel."

Should Prince Andrew ever break the lease, the property would revert to the Crown Estate, but it is unknown what King Charles III would do with it. It could, perhaps, become the future home of the Prince and Princess of Wales who currently reside at Adelaide Cottage.

Sarah shows off her beautiful home interiors

Andrew and Sarah recently welcomed the Queen's beloved Corgis into their royal abode, and Sarah often shares glimpses inside the property online...

WATCH: Sarah films in the stunning gardens of Royal Lodge 

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Maybe they are seeking a pet-friendly place, or perhaps, the pair will live apart considering Sarah is said to have purchased the multi-million pound property in June 2022. Pictures obtained by the Daily Mail show it is a terraced house with Georgian style sash windows.

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been asked to vacate Frogmore Cottage, that will be another property available to house the royal family, so perhaps a location suitable for Andrew given its close proximity to his existing home.

It's certainly all change when it comes to the royals and their regal homes.

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