The pair - pictured putting their differences aside for a rare public appearance together at a charity concert in 1997 - are now "good buds again" according to Gary, after they met up in LA
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Robbie and Gary bury the hatchet after ten years of feuding

7 AUGUST 2007

Relations between former Take That bandmates Gary Barlow, 37, and Robbie Williams have been frosty ever since Robbie quit the outfit over a decade ago. But according to Gary the pair have reached an entente cordiale after getting together recently in Los Angeles, where 33-year-old Robbie is now based.

"Yes, we met. We had a great chat," Gary told a British breakfast TV show. "He's really well and we're good buds again."

It's not known whether the reunion - which took place in the restaurant at LA's posh Chateau Marmont hotel - was planned, or a coincidence. But witnesses to the scene say the pair – who were also joined by fellow bandmate Mark Owen - acted like long lost friends and were deep in conversation all night. "Robbie… gave both of them a big hug," said one hotel guest.

The meeting has sparked speculation Robbie may rejoin the Manchester super-group, which has enjoyed a successful comeback since the rest of its members were reunited last year. Gary has been quick to deny the Rudebox singer will replace him in the hologram that currently appears on stage when the boys perform, though, and replied to questions on the subject with an emphatic: "No he won't be rejoining."

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