Along with her band, Sting's daughter Coco, who was recently named the new face of Burberry, is reportedly on the verge of signing a record deal
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Sting's girl Coco and her band are being eyed by record labels

25 FEBRUARY 2008
It seems there's no stopping Sting's multi-talented daughter Coco. Just one month after being unveiled as the face of Burberry, the 17-year-old is on the brink of signing a lucrative recording contract with her band I Blame Coco.

Coco, whose real name is Eliot Pauline Styler Sumner, is keen to follow in her famous dad's footsteps by making a name for herself in the recording industry. The singer, who also plays guitar, apparently doesn't want to cash in on her dad's name, though.

"She might be Sting's daughter but that doesn't mean she has everything handed to her on a plate," reveals a pal. "Coco spends hours playing the guitar. She has definitely inherited her dad's voice and you can definitely hear his reggae influence. She doesn't have a record deal, but she's hoping that when the time is right she'll strike lucky."

And it seems that time may have come. Last week her band, which specialises in reggae-influenced pop, played a London gig reportedly packed with music scouts. "There's a lot of interest from several labels," reveals an industry insider. "She's going to be signed very soon and it will be a six-figure deal."

And those in the know certainly seem confident Coco has what it takes. "She sounds like The Police meet Lily Allen. She's brilliant!" enthused one.