The Scottish singing sensation continued to develop her image on Thursday, adding a chestnut tint to her newly-shaped locks
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Pictured at home in Scotland days after her TV appearance, Susan still had the grey locks familiar from the audition. Since then she's had her brows tweezered, picked up some new clothes, and had her hair cut
Photo: © PA

Susan Boyle takes matters into own hands with new haircut and colour

24 APRIL 2009
While debate continues over whether Susan Boyle should change her image or stay the way she is - readers have already made their feelings known in an online poll, expressing a preference for the latter - the West Lothian singing sensation has taken matters into her own hands.

Following less than flattering comment on her appearance in the national press the 48-year-old charity worker had already begun to spruce up her image. Having debuted newly tweezed eyebrows and adding a couple of trendier items to her wardrobe Susan delivered her most dramatic change this week by turning her grey locks a rich chestnut.

The singer was spotted on Thursday afternoon with the new Ł35 'do, undertaken by her local salon. "Her hairdresser didn't want to make any huge changes and said she'd prefer to work with what Susan's already got," said a source.

She was also seen for the first time since her Britain's Got Talent audition wearing glasses.

While bosses at the reality show are reported to be less than thrilled at Susan's efforts, wanting her to stay the same until the final, a spokesperson for the programme said: "Susan's a grown woman and can do what she likes with her hair."

Meanwhile it's emerged that prior to her success the middle-aged church volunteer wasn't as low on celebrity contacts as might be imagined. Sir David Frost became a friend of the family after coming into contact with them through his Eighties show Through The Keyhole. The presenter was one of the first to call when Susan's mum Bridget died two years ago.

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