Your weekly horoscope for 27 January to 2 February

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

Debbie Frank, astrologer to the stars and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, shares her horoscopes of the week with HELLO! Online readers. Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you...


Mars is your zoom force yet it's tangled with Venus and Neptune so you're in a surreal space. If you feel like you've gone down the rabbit hole you'll surface midweek. No doubt with an inspired take on life.


Zoning out on certain people isn't a crime. In fact, in this cosmos it's time to wrap yourself in the cloak of invisibility. It will intrigue and mystify those who thought they knew you – how romantic!


The lines are blurred this week so double check your loose connections. It's so easy to misunderstand someone's intentions or to lose the plot. Think of it as a magical mystery tour that's just for fun!

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If you're feeling slightly fragmented and off-balance it wouldn't be surprising. Venus, Mars and Neptune make you dizzy and giddy. Maybe you're crazy about someone, or just plain crazy.. the effects are the same – so you need to find some sense of safety.


What you're feeling is taking you into the realm of emotional intelligence. You're picking up, tuning in, channelling down and therefore you're getting messages that give you the skinny on what's going on. This kind of valuable information comes from the cosmic version of M16!


Even if you pride yourself on being able to pick perfect answers, your radar could be off as Neptune's distorting energy send you mixed messages. It's hard to believe what's going on, let alone understand why. It always comes down to letting go – the one thing you find almost impossible!


Whenever the glamour and glitz of Neptune comes along, you initially feel as if you've got front row at the Oscars. Yet it soon wears off. Even Tinseltown loses its appeal if you're not getting the right vibes from a certain person. What on earth is going on with them?


Under the magic rays of Neptune you can feel blissed out or totally lost. Maybe even both. One thing's for sure: this is an out of the ordinary time, out of body and both mysterious and miraculous.


Who can you rely on when you want the truth and nothing but the truth? In this cosmic climate, everyone seems to have their own wild projections and assumptions that bear no relation to reality. But what's real anyway?


You know how some tastes seem go to together, like sweet and sour? Well you've got divine and dysfunctional both at the same time so you're not sure what to make of it. Depends what was on your wish list, but it's important to steer between hope and hopelessness.


It's definitely one of those times when you're connected to all humanity. You can feel their pain, their dreams, what keeps them awake at night and where it got messed up. However, when it comes to your actual, real relationships…. you're left clue-less at this point.


Well hello Pisces – there you are in the fish tank or the ocean floating under Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces. It's totally mesmerising. You're having a mermaid moment, you're getting the cosmic star treatment. Mundane matters elicit a quick flip of the tail, and you're off…

Debbie Frank is the author of Written in the Stars.

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