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The top 10 Instagrammed cat breeds

SO cute!

Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
13 September 2019
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Who doesn't love a picture of a cute cat? Whether it's a Persian, Bengal or a classic British short-hair, we as a nation are true feline fans. While all cats are made equal, new data research from a study conducted by Compare the Market shows that on social media, some come up higher than others. And what better way to spend your Friday than taking a paws (sorry) to scroll through these adorable kitties that have been ranked as the top ten most Instagrammed cat breeds? Keep scrolling to take a look...

Maine Coon - 6.63 million

These fluffy felines take the number one spot as the most Instagrammed and it's not hard to see why. Although they look cute and fluffly, they're not exactly small. The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed and males can weigh up to 18lb! Big, but most certainly beautiful.

Maine coon

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Siamese - 5.33 million

You may think of a Siamese cat and instantly think of the sly duo in Disney's The Lady and the Tramp, but the Siamese cats on Instagram couldn't be more adorable. As well as being a social and friendly breed, they're one of the most active and clever, and have been known to play fetch and walk on a lead. Who needs a dog?!


British Shorthair - 5.25 million

The British Shorthair takes third place with just over 5.25 million hashtags. The classic breed is a pedigreed version of the British traditional cat with a familiar colour variant of "British blue", a solid blue-grey coat, being most popular, but other colours exist too. With the British shorthair breed known for being calm and non-temperamental, it's little wonder they are so popular with families, other animals, and on social media.

british shorthair

Scottish Fold - 4.81 million

The Scottish Fold is hugely popular on Instagram. As well as having an adorable face and a docile personality, the Scottish Fold gets their name from their folded ears on account of their breed history. If you're a Taylor Swift fan – these moggies may look familiar. Taylor has two Scottish folds called Meredith and Olivia that have regularly appeared on her Instagram feed, and even appeared in music video for ME! 

scottish fold

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Bengal - 4.26 million

The Bengal cat is known as the 'house tiger' and judging by their beautiful patterned coat, it's clear where they've got their name from. This attractive breed has over 4.2 million hashtags on Instagram, but they're more than just a pretty face. The Bengal cat is intelligent and extremely playful, and known for being very loyal to their owner. What more could you want?


Persian - 4.18 million

The fluffiest felines of them all, the Persian cat, comes in at number six. While hoovering up after them might possibly prove a chore, they certainly make up for it in looks and personality. Although Persian's are known for being friendly and relatively quiet, they can be a little demanding, and can command an 'air of royalty'. They look pretty regal to us…


Sphynx - 4.03 million

It's safe to say that the Sphynx cat is perhaps the most unique. Known for its complete lack of coat, they definitely stand out. Sphynx cats are extremely friendly and have been known to top veterinary studies as the most affectionate cat breed. And although you might not think it, due to the lack of fur, they are known for also being very cuddly!


Ragdoll - 3.71 million

Ragdoll's are the perfect companion. As well as being beautiful to look at with their striking blue eyes and gorgeous medium-length coat, they're temperament is very friendly. They're known for being very cuddly and a little floppy (hence the name) and are even known as the 'puppy' cat, because of their habit of following their owners around. And they're popular among celebs too. Holly Willoughby has two of these adorable kitties, named Teddy and Bluebell. How cute!


Russian Blue - 2.52 million

The Russian Blue cat gets its name from their signature blue-grey coat. Some Russian blues even have a shimmering grey coat and for this reason they are known for being very plush and regal cats. They may not be as quite as popular on social media as other breeds, but the Russian Blue's are certainly blessed with good looks.

russian blue

Munchkin - 2.44 million

Not just a mythical creature from the land of Oz, the munchkin is a breed of cat that gets its name from their short legs. As well as being short and sweet, munchkin cats are curious, cuddly and, despite their lack of height, quick on their feet. Although not as #gram worthy as the other contenders, the munchkin cat (also known as the sausage cat) is still pretty popular with over 2.4 million hashtags, making them within the top ten most Instagrammed kitties. We're off to the cat shelter!


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