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Albert set to recognise U.S. girl as his daughter

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Monaco's Prince Albert is expected to confirm he is the father of a teenage girl from the United States. The people of his tiny homeland are currently waiting news from their head of state after the French newspaper Le Figaro claimed he would acknowledge the 14-year-old as his daughter.

According to the report, Albert had a brief liaison with the girl's mother in the summer of 1991. The woman filed a paternity suit against him the following year seeking $9,540 a month in child support, but the case was eventually dismissed on grounds of improper jurisdiction.

Albert has admitted spending time with the woman, who says she first met him while holidaying in Monaco with her husband, but he has neither confirmed nor denied paternity of her child. Local newspapers in California have meanwhile quoted a relative of the girl as saying: "All has been handled really well for (the child's) sake. (Albert) has been very careful of what's going on."

The news comes a year after the monarch admitted he had fathered a child called Alexander, now two years old, with air stewardess Nicole Coste.

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The French newspaper Le Figaro says Albert will publicly confirm the teenager is his daughter
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The revelations come a year after he admitted fathering a son with former stewardess Nicole Coste