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The romance between the future Queen of Sweden and her gym-owner boyfriend continues to flourish six years after they met in one of his establishments
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Victoria isn't the only royal to find love through sport. Zara and her rugby player boyfriend Mike are also united by a shared passion for sports
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Crown Prince Frederik met his real estate agent wife Mary, with whom he shares a love of sailing, at the Sydney Olympics
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Victoria's relationship with beau back in spotlight as gyms thrive

26 FEBRUARY 2008
They've always raised eyebrows for not being the most conventional of royal couples, and now the romance between Crown Princess Victoria and her gym-owner beau is back in the spotlight after it emerged that self-made entrepreneur Daniel Westling has significantly consolidated his financial situation.

Whether the fact that Daniel's business continues to thrive - he's opening new establishments both in Sweden and abroad - will influence the opinion of the Swedish people, some of whom view the match as not entirely appropriate, remains to be seen.

The Yale-educated Princess met her commoner beau in 2002 at one of his own gyms, and they now share a home together. "The important thing is the right people live with each other," the queen-in-waiting has said.

Victoria isn't the only royal to find love through sport. Zara Phillips' own live-in partner is rugby player Mike Tindall, whom she met in Sydney after England beat Australia in the 2003 rugby World Cup.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark also found romance at a sporting event, meeting real estate agent Mary Donaldson while in Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games. The couple were wed in Copenhagen in 2004.

It was a similar story for keen sportsman Prince Albert of Monaco after glamorous South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock captured his heart.