Royalty and statesmen

Image consultants have given the French leader a makeover to "re-presidentialise" his persona at home and abroad. Movie star sunglasses and giving interviews while jogging and are said to be among their list of no-nos
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Nicolas Sarkozy heeds image gurus' advice on bling ahead of UK tour

17 MARCH 2008
The Rolex watches and Ray-Ban sunglasses will be left behind in Paris when France's President Sarkozy visits Britain next week as the guest of the Queen.

On the advice of senior aides the French leader - who will be accompanied to a banquet at Windsor Castle by his new wife Carla Bruni - will be presenting an image of "elegance and decorum".

Mr Sarkozy's team at the Elysee Palace has issued the premier with a list of instructions designed to show his respect for the British monarchy. It also aims to tone down the movie star aura which has surrounded him since his highly public marriage to the glamorous Italian model.

In the past the politician has raised eyebrows by giving interviews while jogging and using his Blackberry during an audience with the Pope.

The new dictum comes as his model-turned-singer bride Carla has been impressing political pundits with a tactful, demure approach to her role as First Lady.