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Spinning a ball on the end of his finger, the keen Aston Villa fan kept the youngsters entertained with his skills
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Much to the delight of the youngsters and their mums, the Prince didn't let his dapper attire prevent him from joining in with a kickabout
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Fancy footwork puts Prince William in a league of his own

10 MAY 2008
Even though he was suited up and wearing a pair of polished leather loafers, Prince William still displayed some nifty moves when he took part in a kickabout in Blackburn this week.

Visiting St Aidan's primary school in his role as President of the Football Association, the royal not only chatted to the football-mad children, he also joined them for a game in the playground - much to their delight.

And although his footie technique was only rated as "all right" by his fellow players, 25-year-old Wills nevertheless made a big impact on the 150-strong crowd who had gathered to see him.

"It was really exciting to meet the future King," 11-year-old Hayley Probert enthused. "He started talking to me about football and what teams we support. He supports Aston Villa."

Mum Janet Brown, whose son Nathan took part in the footie session, was also impressed. "He has a lovely presence and he spent a lot of time with the children," she said.