12 NOVEMBER 2008

When Prince Charles opens his birthday gifts on November 14 there will be 60 individual presents – one for each year of his life - from the Duchess of Cornwall. The most touching of the tokens is a leather-bound book containing love letters the couple have written to each other over the years.

Camilla has spent months collecting the highly personal mementos for her husband. "Every item will mean something special to Charles," a source told a British newspaper.

"This hasn't been about expense. It's about making sure she gets a memory or special token for every year of the Prince's life," the insider added.

Other keepsakes include a page from The Times on his date of birth, and framed pictures of their wedding and his sons William and Harry as children.

Camilla has also reproduced manuscripts from her husband's favourite sonnets and extracts from two of his favourite Shakespeare plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo And Juliet.

The Highgrove drinks' cabinet will also get some new tipples, including a 1948 Glen Grant whisky, a bottle of Armagnac from the same year and a case of Malvasia, one of his favourite organic wines.

For Charles' beloved garden on the estate - which will be the venue for one of two birthday parties this weekend - the Duchess has bought two of his favourite varieties of rosebush.

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As well as organising a party for Prince Charles at their Highgrove home, the Duchess of Cornwall will present him with gifts representing the memories of a lifetime. They include a framed picture of their wedding day and some of the love letters they have exchanged over the years gathered into a leather-bound volume Photo: © Getty Images
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The Prince's beloved garden will also receive two of his favourite varieties of rosebush: the Margaret Merrill and Frederic Mistral Photo: © Rex