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Top tribute band Bjorn Again were invited to perform an intimate gig in front of the Russian prime minister and his lady companion at a mystery location nine hours outside Moscow
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The act performed a 15-track set which had the politician dancing in his seat
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Vladimir Putin unveiled as secret Abba fan with tribute gig

He's recently been revealed as a martial arts enthusiast and a keen fisherman, and now there's another insight into Vladimir Putin - he's a closet 'super trouper'. In fact, the Russian prime minister is such a fan of Abba he invited tribute band Bjorn Again to his homeland for a private concert.

The quartet flew into Moscow and then travelled to a remote mystery location in the north west of the country where they performed 15 tracks, including Dancing Queen and Waterloo, for the political leader and eight guests.

Security for the January 22 concert was tight, with Mr Putin, 56, and a female companion watching the show shielded from view behind a net curtain.

"It was the smallest audience we have ever performed to but Mr Putin was really enjoying it, shouting 'bravo' and clapping with the others," reveals Aileen McLaughlin, who stars as Agnetha Faltskog. "He was dancing in his seat to Super Trouper and raised his hands in the air during Mamma Mia when we asked the audience to.

"The prime minister didnít stand but he and his wife, or whoever it was, were jiggling about on the sofa and signing Honey Honey," added Jennifer Robb, who takes on the role of Anni-Frid. "All his officials were singing away and doing a finger pointing dance."

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