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Charlotte Casiraghi in Monaco ready to give birth

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With her baby due any day now, Charlotte Casiraghi has reportedly travelled from her home in Paris to her native Monaco. The pregnant royal is based in Clos Saint-Pierre, the villa where her mother Princess Caroline resides.Lately, the brunette beauty has been seen looking heavily pregnant, wearing flat shoes for shopping expeditions with with her mother and close friends. 

© Photo: Rex

Her partner French actor and stand up comedian Gad Elmaleh is winding up his international tour by performing in Monte Carlo's Salle De Princes from Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 December. This has, undoubtedly, been organised to allow the 42-year-old to be on standby should his girlfriend of two years go into labour. He isn't due to return to work until 8 January.According to the Nice Matin newspaper, Charlotte, 27, is booked into the Princess Grace hospital, where she and her two brothers were born.Anticipation is high in Monaco for the birth of Caroline's second grandchild - her first Sacha, who is the son of Charlotte's eldest brother Andrea and his wife Tatiana Santo Domingo arrived in March. But Charlotte has always been a particular favourite locally because of her striking looks and uncanny resemblance to her mother.

© Photo: Rex

No word yet on the sex of the baby - the family has released no information on the pregnancy. The mum-to-be likes to guard her privacy, insisting she isn't a Princess "only the niece of a head of state" (Prince Albert).Gad, who has a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship, has been more forthcoming, saying it iss a time of "joy and excitement" and that he is at the point in his life when "building a family is very important".He added: "Charlotte will be best mother in the world because she is generous and very loving. She has all the gifts for being a mother. She's precious and very loving and kind."