Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo: the unconventional royal couple

With 1930s postcards instead of traditional invitations and low-key venues, Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo have shown that their wedding won't follow the royal rule book.

A couple known for doing things their way, Andrea and Tatiana chose not to marry before welcoming their son Sacha in March 2013. Despite being engaged for eight months before they became parents, the couple waited until August to tie the knot.

Andrea and Tatiana's wedding is a far cry from the pomp of other royal nuptials and the notoriously private couple have planned an intimate ceremony.

Eschewing the tradition of marrying in the royal groom's home city, the couple have chosen their second wedding to take place in a village close to Tatiana's heart.

While the couple first said 'I do' at the Prince's Palace in Monaco, the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad is where Tatiana went to school.

Many of the couple's guests, including socialite Olympia Scarry, are Tatiana's former classmates and will no-doubt enjoy being back near the site of their school's winter campus.

True to fashion designer Tatiana's boho style the couple opted against traditional wedding invitations. According to French magazine Point de Vue Andrea and Tatiana announced the details of their ceremony on retro, 1930s-style postcards.

The pair have also shied away from a formal pre-wedding banquet. While the eve of a royal wedding often gives guests the chance to showcase their finest clothes and glittering tiaras, Andrea and Tatiana have chosen to dine at the unpretentious Berghaus Eggli restaurant.

Guests will travel by cable car to enjoy the alpine venue's famous fondue, cosy atmosphere and stunning mountain views.

The couple's relaxed nature and quirky taste was evident in their first wedding.

On 31 August 2013, Andrea and Tatiana said 'I do' in the sunlit ground of the Prince's Palace, with the bride wearing a luxurious, yet simple Missoni dress, sandals and a garland of flowers on her head.

Gelato vendors and other fairground-themed stalls provided the guests with sweet treats throughout the day before they enjoyed a low-key al fresco lunch in by the Palace's pool.