How Monaco plans to welcome Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's twins

More royal babies are on the way — and the royal palace of Monaco is certainly prepared for it.

Princess Charlene, 36, and Prince Albert, 56, are expecting their first children together (twins!) and their country has released details on just how they intend to commemorate the exciting event.

"In celebration of the joyous arrival of these two children, and without distinction, forty-two cannon shots (twenty-one for each child) shall be fired from the Fort Antoine and church bells shall ring for fifteen minutes, followed by boat horns," reads a statement from the royal household.

In addition, an official proclamation signed by Prince Albert will confirm the birth of the twins and will be displayed at the entrance to the palace. Then, at a later date, the new parents will present their children to the people of Monaco. All are invited:

"The people of Monaco, residents and workers of the Principality as well as any individuals who wish to do so, are invited to attend the Princely Couple's presentation of Their children at the Place du Palais, in order to pay tribute to them and that day will be declared public holiday for all individuals working in Monaco in celebration of this time of great joy."

The royal family are encouraging their people to help them celebrate, asking they "put up bunting and flags, under the same provisions as on National Day."

As for gifts — don't bother. Monaco's royal family kindly requests that in lieu of presents, fans instead make donations to their chosen charities in honor of their new bundles of joy.

Prince Albert says he does not know the gender of their twins, which are due around Christmas.

"You know, one doesn't often have the opportunity to have such pleasant surprises in life, that is why I prefer not to know the babies' gender before the birth," he said earlier this month. "The princess probably knows but she is playing the game. She is keeping the secret as I asked her to."

The Prince has two children from previous relationships, but as they were born out of wedlock, they do not qualify for the Monaco throne. These will be the first children for Princess Charlene, a Zimbabwe-born former Olympic swimmer.