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The new Princess of Cambridge's horoscope: Determined yet sensitive Taurean

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Prince William and Kate Middleton's second baby finally made her debut on May 2, which means the new Princess of Cambridge was born under Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. So what does this mean for the latest addition to the royal family? Astrologer Jonathan Cainer shares his forecast for what's in store for the new fourth-in-line to the British throne:

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"Our new Princess shares her birthday with David Beckham. They're deeply determined, tenacious Taureans. So too, of course, is Elizabeth, our Queen.

But though this young lady may be a steady, stable Taurean, her time of birth means her rising sign is Cancer. So she may not be shy but she will be reserved; cautious and conscious of the impact that she has on others.

This may not be ideal for someone likely to spend such a large part of her life dealing with endless media attention. But at least it gives her something in common with her elder brother George, her father William and his mother, the long lost, much missed, Diana.

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All three are (or were) Cancerians by Sun sign and, thus, sensitive souls. The little Princess may not actually be quite so sensitive but she will certainly have a natural, empathic, understanding of the pressure faced by her family.

Her birth chart suggests an intense affinity with her brother. They’ll form a close relationship, at least at first. As the new Princess’s birth chart reveals her to be intensely mercurial, she may well prove a little sharper of mind and quicker on the uptake than George.

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Thus it is likely to be at around the same time, despite their slight difference in age, that they both become able to comprehend the terrible tale of what happened to their grandmother.

Her Moon in Libra, the sign of analytical assessment, implies a thinker, a questioner, a person unafraid to entertain controversial thoughts. As time goes by, I predict we’ll come to know and love her for sharing some of her great grandfather Philip’s tendency to say what some folk think she shouldn't!"

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