Charlotte Casiraghi reveals the key to a 'long and happy relationship'

We often see Charlotte Casiraghi sitting in the front row of fashion shows, competing at horse riding events or dazzling on the red carpet, however the eighth-in-line to the Monaco throne doesn’t often give the world an insight into her private life. But now, speaking to French magazine Philosophie, a subsidiary magazine for Paris Match, the sophisticated royal opened up about love, solitude and philosophy.


Charlotte has been partners with comedian Gad Elmaleh since 2011 Photo: Getty Images

"I believe that the key to a long and happy relationship is when you both share a passion for the truth, for life," said Princess Caroline's 29-year-old daughter, who studied philosophy at the Sorbonne.

This seems to be the case for her and her 44-year-old partner French Comedian Gad Elmaleh. The couple began dating in December 2011 and welcomed their son Raphael on December 17, 2013. Despite speculation that the couple had broken up at the beginning of the summer, several public appearances by the pair dismissed the rumors and proved that they are very much still together.

 alt= The couple have a son Raphael, who will turn 2 in December Photo: Getty Images

In the interview, the mother-of-one also touched briefly upon the solitude that can come with being a public figure and said that she experienced "a loneliness that led to introspection."

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s uncle Prince Albert II of Monaco has also been speaking about his family to Paris Match.


Prince Albert II of Monaco has spoken out about his worries to do with climate change Photo: Getty Images

Albert, who will attend the Climate Change Conference at the United Nations in November, talks about his worries and personal concerns about the environment. Addressing Earth's conservation challenges to come, he said that his two children, 10-month-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, "will have to act" in order to save our planet.