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Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark star in new portraits

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A set of new official portraits of Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie has been released by the Danish royal family. The images, which were taken earlier this year, show the couple posing together in the palace.

The photos were taken in connection with Queen Margrethe's 75th birthday that took place in mid April. Her Majesty's younger son Joachim was promoted to a colonel of the reserve army, and in celebration, these new snapshots were commisioned.

The 46-year-old prince looked resplendent in his military uniform, which featured numerous medals of service and commemoration and the traditional blue silk sash. Proudly facing the camera, Joachim held on to his sword while his wife stood at his side.

prince joachim1

Princess Marie and Prince Joachim married in 2008

Paris-born Marie was dressed just as immaculately, wearing a demure navy lace skirt and top ensemble. The princess completed her regal look with a glittering tiara, and the same blue sash and Order of the Elephant as her husband.

The order is the highest in Denmark and is worn by members of the royal family. It consists of a collar, a badge, a star and a sash but when the sash is worn, the collar is not.

prince joachim

The prince was promoted to a colonel of the reserve army earlier this year

The badge, which is about 5cm high and is pinned to the sash, features an elephant made of white-enamelled gold with blue detailing. A turbaned Moor mahout sits on top of the elephant, in front of a watch tower.

Prince Joachim's military education began in 1987 when he was a recruit in the Queen's Own Regiment. In 1998 he was appointed as a sergeant, and the following year he was appointed as a lieutenant of the reserve.

princess marie

Paris-born Marie completed her regal look with the traditional sash and Order of the Elephant

He went on to become a lieutenant colonel of the reserve in 2011, and this year was promoted to the rank of colonel.

Joachim is sixth-in-line to the Danish throne, following his elder brother Crown Prince Frederik and Frederik's four children.

Joachim married his second wife Marie in 2008 and together the couple have two children – Prince Henrik, six, and three-year-old Princess Athena.