Prince George is taking after grandfather Prince Charles with his love of the outdoors

He might be royal, but Prince George is just your average little boy who enjoys playing outdoors. In a new interview, the toddler’s grandfather Prince Charles shared that his grandson is already taking after him with his love for nature.

“[George is] one of those characters, I think, who naturally, instinctively, likes to be outside,” the 67-year-old royal revealed to Sky News. “It’s very interesting. I’m intrigued to see if it lasts, but he loves being outside, which is encouraging.”

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And even though George is only 2 years old, Charles, an environmental enthusiast, admitted that he is already teaching his grandson about climate change and the environment. “Like all these things, it depends if you can get them to take an interest,” he said. “But half of it comes from explaining the minutiae of life sometimes, or getting people to look carefully at something, even watching a bird or observing carefully a flower or how a building sits in the environment and the landscape. All of these things are part of the intricate detail and pattern of life, which we can’t exist without.”

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These days, the royal toddler has a new set of wheels to enjoy outside. George recently become the owner of a $200 John Deere toy tractor. Just last week, George’s mother Kate Middleton revealed that her son is "obsessed" with tractors and anything that has "big wheels."

George might take after his grandfather when it comes to the environment, but he’s also picking up some interests from his father Prince William. During an engagement in North Wales, the Duchess told Pauline Hallett of Ogwen Mountain Rescue that George is a big fan of helicopters like the ones his father flies.

Pauline recalled, "Catherine said how much George loved them. He knows all the different colors and asks her about all the parts. She laughed and said she tells George to ask Daddy as she has no idea."

And while Kate doesn’t seem to mind George’s affinity toward helicopters, there is one interest she hopes George never inherits from his father - riding a motorbike. "I'm terrified," said Kate during an engagement at St. Andrews, Scotland. "Hopefully, I'm going to keep George off it!"