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Prince William and Kate share rare moment of public affection as they tackle mountain climb together

middleton holding hands
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Amid the tranquil backdrop of the Himalayan mountains, a very relaxed Prince William and Kate put on a rare display of public affection. The couple, who are usually pictured in more formal stances, couldn't help show their love for one another.

William and Kate had spent the morning trekking to the sacred Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan, when they stopped to take a break and enjoy the view.

The moment that William and Kate held hands as they ascended the mountain together was captured on camera – endearing the couple to royal fans even more.

middleton holding hands

William and Kate showed a rare display of public affection

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joked with the press, who had also attempted the gruelling six-hour trek up the mountain. After initially saying it was "easy" William admitted: "It was quite tough on the way up."

Kate, who hardly broke a sweat and was looking remarkably fresh compared to her flushed husband, quipped: "It's a great way to burn off the curry."

kate middleton arm shoulder © Photo: Getty Images

The royals were seen sweetly walking arm-in-arm

As they continued their journey, completing the final 1,000 downhill steps and bridge crossing to the monastery, William and Kate were left to their own devices. Reporters and photographers were not allowed into the monastery, which is Bhutan's most important Buddhist temple, as it is a spiritual site.

The royals were seen sweetly walking arm-in-arm as they completed the rest of their journey alone.

middleton holding hands1

The couple had spent the morning trekking to the Tiger's Nest monastery

While hundreds of photographs have been taken of William and Kate, it's rare to see the couple stop to pose for photos or openly show their affectionate sides when they are in front of the camera. At engagements, the Duke and Duchess are almost always on the move, or busy speaking to people and carrying out official duties.


kate trek bhutan © Photo: Getty Images

William and Kate chatted to a monk who pointed them in the right direction

An exception came at the start of their tour in India last Sunday, when William and Kate willingly stopped on the red carpet to pose for pictures, before going in to attend a Bollywood gala held in their honour.

Back home in the UK when the royals attend red carpet events such as movie premieres, they rarely stop for photographers.

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