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Meet the 10-month-old who is the spitting image of Prince George

prince george lookalike5
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A baby boy has left members of the public doing a double take because of his striking resemblance to Prince George. Alfie Simmons-Ronco, ten months, has the same blond hair and brown eyes as the third-in-line to the throne, and even shares George's "cheeky" personality too.

Speaking to HELLO! Online, Alfie's mum Fabiana Ronco said she first noticed the resemblance when strangers began to approach her on the street to tell her how much her son looked like the two-year-old Prince.

prince george lookalike

Alfie Simmons-Ronco looks just like a young Prince George

Fabiana said: "Peoplestarted to comment on Alfie's resemblance to George six or seven weeks ago. Whether I'm in Tesco's, the bank or just out shopping, people say to me that he resembles Prince George, which I think is lovely but he's very much his own person."

The similarities between Alfie and George are said to have become clearer over the past few weeks, as the baby boy's hair gradually changed to a golden blonde colour from the jet black hair he was born with.


Much like George, baby Alfie already has a strong personalitytoo. "Alfie is very cheeky, and such a happy little boy, but is also very strong minded," his mum said. "If there's something he wants, he won't give up without a fight."

prince george lookalike5 a© Photo: Rex

Alfie made his television debut on Loose Women

The proud mum, who also has a five-year-old daughter called Sienna, likes to dress her son in the smart shirts, shorts and long socks that Prince George is often spotted wearing - a style Fabiana says she has always loved.

Fabiana explained: "I don't dress Alfie to look more like Prince George. I've always liked Spanish clothing, and long socks on boys. I get a lot of Alfie's clothes from Next, but it's harder to buy boy's long socks."

Alfie's likeness to Prince George has already seen him make his television debut as the royal on Friday's Loose Women, and now Fabiana is open to exploring further opportunities that arise for her son in the future. "I haven't really thought about a lookalike company, but I think I might look into it," she told HELLO! Online.

Do you see Alfie's resemblance to Prince George? Let us know in the comments below.

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