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Queen Elizabeth, 90, jokes 'I'm still alive' when asked how she's doing: Video

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Queen Elizabeth showed her great sense of humor in a new video that surfaced from her meeting with Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness on Monday. During the encounter at the Hillsborough Castle in Belfast, the First Minister greeted the Queen with an innocent "How are you, well?" To his surprise, the witty Queen replied: "I'm still alive anyway."


The 90-year-old monarch continued: "We've been quite busy. There's been quite a lot going on. I've had two birthdays, so we've been quite busy."

Queen Elizabeth had a hilarious response during her meeting in Northern Ireland Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth's appearance was the first since the controversial "Brexit" vote. During the meeting, Prince William, 34, and Prince Harry's, 31, grandmother strayed away from the topic and kept the conversation light and the focus on her birthday. The visit is part of the two day trip the Queen and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh made to Northern Ireland to continue her milestone celebrations.

The Queen takes on a crying toddler

Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth showed off more of her wit during the Trooping of the Colour parade. While greeting royal onlookers from the balcony of Buckingham Palace with her family, the Queen took a moment to remind Prince William who is the boss.

Queen Elizabeth showed Prince William she is boss during the Trooping of the Colour ceremony Photo: Getty Images

In a clip, William could be seen leaning down to talk to Prince George, when his grandmother tapped him on the shoulder and uttered, "William stand up." The Prince quickly got to his feet, while his brother, Prince Harry, who was standing in the background, laughed before fixing his posture.

While it's obvious the Queen is in charge even at home, Prince Harry had nothing but great things to say about his grandmother, and partner in mic drops, during the Young Leaders Awards. During his speech, the Prince beamed about his grandmother and her leadership skills. “I have been extremely fortunate to meet many exceptional people over the years, but none more so than Her Majesty The Queen,” he said. “As the head of the Commonwealth, the Nation, the Armed Forces and our Family, I - like millions of others across the world - have been able to look to her for inspiration and guidance.”


He continued: “The Queen, who assumed the challenge of leadership at such a young age, has shown us all the importance of selfless commitment and service. She is the example I aspire to and the standard by which I will judge my contribution.”